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.0002 seconds @ 6 volts
$11 spectrum analyzer & SDR
Rép. : [funwithtransis tors] 2SA12 substitute?
455kc discriminator?
555 frustrations zenier diode question...
555 sweep help
6 meter radio
8-Track tape repair anyone?
a guitar pedal
A last reprieve for the enduring Windows XP?
A New Years Resolution.
A pile of BJTs
a regenerative receiver
A Request For Knowledge Verification (Or: am I correct or just lost?)
About Them Antenners...
accessing schematics
Active Filters?
Alfred P. Morgan
an audio sweep generator
Another Jack Panel
Anyone else see this $20 Universal Meter?
Anyone know about "white" LED spectra?
Apple announces the I-scope.
OT Arduino
Articles, Books, Components, and Elmering
Attenuation in Coax?
B&K Transistor Equipment Analyst
The Challenge (Was Bad Solder?)
balanced signals
Bass Frequency Amplifier
battery for small mixer?
belay that last email... more dumb newb questions
Benchmark RDS(ON) Automotive MOSFETs
Broadband Buffer Amplifier for DDS VFO
build your own guitar pickup.
building a voltage reducer
Buying help needed.
can't find data sheet ics1281 / et-50
Can emitter current flows against reverse bias on base-emitter junction
Care and feeding of a large transistor
Central Multimeter Model CT-330
CFL's and Radio Interference
CFL's and Radio Interference and Light Bulb Ban
No Schematics of ICs, was, chn063 vs mc34063?
Short-circuited Base-Collector Transistor
Cloth Covered Wire?
CMOS EPROM Output voltage levels - uniform pin to pin?
Colpitts VFO No Work
Compact Tube Amplifier Using Ordinary Power Transformers [1 Attachment]
Complementary symmetry transistors
Complimentary MOSFETs
Complimentary Push-Pull Stage?
Cosmic Elf RCA computer
Snap crackle and pop
CRT care and feeding
JFETs and Crystal Oscillators
Crystal Oscillator Troubles
current sourc circuits
current source op amp
CW Ideas
CW Station Key
DC power supply project
Desk Mic Question
discrete TTL level inverter
DIY: How to Build Your Own PID Temperature Controller
drive you nuts
dual voice coil speaker
Dumb? MOSFET question
Dumb? MOSFET question long post in reply
dumb newb question about power supplies
Dummy Load Pictures
Dytronics 311
Electronic Injector Tester project
Engineer's fun
Experimental Amplifier...Transistors with Transformers
File - funwithtransistors_reminder
Finally earned my Amateur Radio License
Finishing Up Loose Ends

Flight Systems and Zeltec
flipflop question
flipping leads
Flyback Converter, Designed for Small Tube Preamp
Flying on automatic pilot.
Foam Board Speakers
Forklift steering using proximity sensors
Foster Transformer?
Frequency Calibration, was: Solid-State Dipper Question
Fun with Preamps?
[funwithtubes] How to Model LTSPICE Voltage Source with Max Current Limit
[funwithtubes] Merry Christmas to All
[funwithtubes] Review of $20 transistor/LCR meter
[funwithtubes] Switched-Mode Power Supplies for Tube Amps
Fuse Related Questions
Fw: [BlindHandyMan] Handy Tip for Wire Resistance
Fw: Determining Time-Nut infection severity.
Fw: Out of IP addresses!!
Fw: RF stage
gate capacitance idea
GE Transformerless Transistor Radio
Ge Transistors Need No Bias?
Grounded negitive scope input
grounding troubles
Guitar Speaker Cabinet
H Bridge driving with chopper signal
Hall effect pulse to voltage
Happy new year.
Happy Thanksgiving.
He's back.
Headphone Amp?
Heat Sinks
Heathkit - back into the kit business???
Hello World (capacitor timer?)
Hello Max and the Group
Hello World (capacitor timer?)
Help requested
Help with small circuit
hi/virus or hacked
how I measured the phase distotion
How many transistors is reasonable?
how to calculate forward resistance LED?
How to Model LTSPICE Voltage Source with Max Current Limit [SOLVED]
How to Model LTSPICE Voltage Source with Max Current Limit [SOLVED]
HP 203 function generator
HP 3465A Repair
HV SMP; some tips in th e right direction?
HV SMP; some tips in the right direction?
Hydrogen torch project excitement
I want to learn about transistors
I want to setup my own electronic s lab
Ic and Vce waveforms when BJT turns ON [2 Attachments]
IC Data.
identifying an IC
IG-18 restoration
Induction Heating Schematic
induction to earth
Inductive heating beyond simplified
Inductor Snubbing was File - funwithtransistors_reminder
Inrush prevention with high voltage Power Supplies
Interfacing an optical encoder
Intro: ZZZZ
Intro: ZZZZ
Invisible Fence ........ Dog issues
IR receiver and transmitter
IRF3205 (104 amps??)
IRF510 QRP Booster
is my thinking correct
Issue with unusual SMD package size
JFET Models in National Multisim
JFETs and Crystal Oscillators
joined the group
Kitchin regen
Lamp for Heathkit IG 18.
LDR and FET troubles
LED Lights in the Home
Li-ion battery?
Linear Regulator Help
Link to an article.
LM675 op amp
Logic gates
loop antenna
lots of tubes
Making an IC
Marker Generator
Mason Jar Dummy Load?
Materials Alert: 300-1000 pF Compression Trimmer
MC1496 as a Bidirectional Modulator/Product Detector
MC34063 Switching Power Supply Design Tips
Me and My G I Tract.
[funwithtubes] Merry Christmas to All
Micronta (Radio Shack) FETVM (or...99 problems but a...
Micronta (Radio Shack) FETVM (or...99 problems but a switch isn't one)
Misbehaving Tube Phonograph
... more dumb newb questions
More fun with Mosfets
more newb power supply questions...
more on PWM control HHO generator
More on the class AB transistor amp:
MOSFET Switch for Radio Receiver
***SPAM*** Motorola piezeoresistive sensor MPX2300DT / AD620ANZ amp
Mounting Panel Components for Free
MultiSIM BLUE CAD Package
My Health.
mystery transistor(s) (depletion mode BJT?)
New browser reveals problems with websites.
New direction: PWM control HHO generator
New file uploaded to funwithtransistors
New material on fun with transistors site.
new member looking for old transistors
new member looking for old transistors
New-to-me DMM, how to verify correct readings?
New transistors for old regen
Nice Vintage Projects
No Schematics of ICs, was, chn063 vs mc34063?
Not feeling well.
NPN or PNP proximity sensor?
OCR receiver
Oh Joy, rapture even!
One many more to go?
Ongoing Amplifier Project - More Pictures
Ongoing Amplifier Project - More Pictures
Opamp-Based Guitar Distortion
OT Arduino
OT: Cheap DDS, DSO and LA Review (Aliexpress Product)
OT: Cheap lab equipment recommendations
parallelling depletion mode mosfets
Parts Shipment
PC, Android, and IOS oscilloscopes
Phono Oscillators, Home Broadcasters, and Game M...
Phono Oscillators, Home Broadcasters, and Game Modulators
PID questions
Pixie and AM FM radio kits
Pixie Question
Please Help...W7EL QRP Wattmeter
PLL Questions
Potential New Thread
Power detector using AD8307
Power Supplies and Transformers
power supply advice
Power Supply Hum - Discussion
Power Transformer Requirements
preamp mixer and tone control
Pull up resistors [1 Attachment]
PWM motor controller
QRP ham transmitter
QRP Power Amp Again
Quality Wire
Question about Heathkit IT-28 capacitor checker.
Question about transistor amp schematic
questions regarding On semi NCP1203 SMPS chip
quiet DC amplifier?
Rép. : 2SA12 substitute?
Radio Amateur
Re[2]: Inrush prevention with high voltage Power Supplies
Reduce the gain in a simple transistor circuit
Reform Tantalum Caps?
Review of $20 transistor/LCR meter
RF Power Amplifier Problems
RF Power Amplifiers
RFPA Simulation Woes?
rotary position sensor MLX90316KDC-BCG-200-TU
Salvaged MOSFETs
Schottkey Diode protection
Short-circuited Base-Collector Transistor
slightly different induction schematic
SMPS Issues
Snap crackle and pop
software question
Solder Removal & ESD
Solid-State Dipper Question
Sorry about the empty mail with no response, I pushed the wrong button.
***SPAM*** Motorola piezeoresistive sensor MPX2300DT / AD620ANZ amp
***SPAM*** Motorola piezeoresistive sensor MPX2300DT / AD620ANZ amp
Speakers Info: Pioneer TS-T3 4-Ohm Tweeter
Speed controller
Spice editors
Stepper Motor CCS circuit
Stereo Amplifier
strange phenomenon
stupid (but unusual) soft clipping in a guitar fuzzbox question....
switch operation and dc transmission line effects
[funwithtubes] Switched-Mode Regulator Used as a Pre-Regulator [1 Attachment]
Switched-Mode Regulator Used as Pre-Regulator
Switching Regulators
SWR Meter/RF connectors?
Tattoo Gun
TDA2030 Amplifier Issues [1 Attachment]
Test message
The Challenge (Was Bad Solder?)
the fuzz that sounds like a wahwah
The sweet spot
theory question re biasing NMOS source followers
TI Code Composer download blocked
tiny 433MHz radio what kind of antenna?
Tis the Season
toasting electronics
tone control expiriments
Foster Transformer?
Transistor & Radio Book Links
Transistor Amplifier Power Test
Transistor identification
Transistor Stereo (Lots of Pictures)
Transistor Stereo Amp
Transistor Stereo (Lots of Pictures)
transistor substitution
Triplett Model 601 Type 2
Trusting Measurements
twice the voltage expected
two transistor short waves transmitter
(unknown)NOW ..I have ben hacked
(unknown)NOW ..I have ben hacked
using SS to drive bass but in addition to secondary, not sub-amped
variable constant current supply
Vintage Magazine Tube and Transistor Articles Online
Please Help...W7EL QRP Wattmeter
Wayne Green & 73 Mag Archive
weird germanium guitar booster/overdrive
What are the symptoms and signs of a bad capacitor?
What happens when the lights go out?
What have I got here? "520" transistor
What is it?
What limits the noise floor in a SS pre-amplifier?
What to use these heat sinks for
while I'm asking dumb questions....
Whither Tunnel Diodes?
Why are BJTs not symmetric?
X 10 amp with bootstrapping
X10 problems
Zenier Diode simulation