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... 2 Da ys left in the Double-Down sale
2 Days left in the Double-Down sale
20% off Ham Radio Deluxe
2nd log for CQ Marathon?
6 Meter QSOs
7300 and HRD
Activation of 6.34
AD Encountered an improper argument
Add Log
Adding JT9 to HRD
Adding New Call
Adding radio to HRD
Adjust the ALE Window
Afster installing HRD, no CAT control
all zeroes in award tracking
Am I blacklisted to use the free trial ? - Doesn't work !
annoying pop up
any icom ic7700 users ?
any ICOM UX-14 interfaces available, either OEM or clone?
anyone have any tips on how set up on WIN 7
Anyone have HRD 6.1 available?
Anyone using HRD Sat tracker to work ISS?
DM780 Audio Level
Automatic antena tunner (ATU)
all zeroes in award tracking
Awards tracking
Back Up Info
band scope
Bandscope change, crashes HRD
Battle of the Satellite tracking softwares
Bluesccreen when connecting to radio.
Cabrillo and HRD
Call Sign lookup
Callsign In The Trial Version
Can't get started
Can't Look Up Two Callsign Look Ups in a Row
Can't transmit digital modes without my speaker's SCREECHING!
cannot enter longitude and latitude
cant get off mailing list
Changing mode when running jt65
Changing My Station info to new call sign
FW: changing sh/dx to sh/mydx
Clusters in FDM DUO SW2 "Mem" Function
Combining Logs
Computer Beeps as I tune across bands
contest counter in macros
HRD for contesting
Copying CW with DM 780
TO5W updated in Country Files published today
Creating Dx Cluster Spots in HRD
CW and Macros m ostly
CW transmit and DM780
database issue
Digest Number 330
digital cursor moving by itself
Disturbing advertising
DM 780 center freq
DM 780 Hiccups
DM-780 waterfall
DM780 - V5 (for SWL) supersweeper and digital modes
DM780 adding Call tab
DM780 Audio Level
DM780-logbook : how use in contests? worked status popup
DM780 Not able to connect to Logbook and HRD dowload site is down.
DM780 Not responding
DM780 - V5 (for SWL) supersweeper and digital modes
DM780 Waterfall Toolbars Not Showing
DM780 with Yaesu FT-920 advice please
Download Failure of Latest Version of HRD
Downloading eQSL
Duplicate Lines in SuperSweeper
duplicate logbook entries
DX Cluster problem
DX Cluster Spots - Filter by Spotter CQ Zone?
HRD logbook 5.x DX clusters not working
Encountered an improper argument
Encountered an inproper argument
Exporting a File
Failed to Read Frequency error
First Name in Logbook

FORSALE Icom IC 7600 / Flex 6500 / Icom IC 7800
FORSALE Icom IC 7600 / Flex 6500 / Icom IC 7800
ForSale: (Yaesu FTDX-9000/Icom IC-756 Pro3)
Free HRD ???
FSK w/Rigblaster Plus II and Kenwood TS-570S
Ft-450D settings
FT-857D Memory Channels
FT-991 HRD PTT CW via PC
FT450 support
FTdx5000 and HRD
Fwd: Merging logs
Getting locator to work in macros
Ham Radio Deluxe 25% Off Sale Ends at Midnight (PT)
Ham Radio Deluxe released
Ham Radio Deluxe released!
Ham Radio Deluxe 671 released today
Ham Radio Deluxe Summer Promotion - "Double-Down on Progress"
Ham Radio Deluxe supports FT8
Ham Radio Deluxe v6.4.0.787 is now available
Re[3]: Hanging up on logbook
Hard drive crashed - Need install file for HRD 6.3
Hard drive crashed - Need install file for HRD6.3
Has anyone successfully configured HRD and Rigblaster
Hello folks, and HRD Logbook Error
Help!! Icom 7300 and HRD
Help Please, with setup JT65=HF using WJST or is there a better program?
Help with remote configuration, anyone?
High noise
How do I import the back-up XML file?
How do I save mofications to a log entry
How do you restore a backed up log file?
how revert hrd back a version
How to configure TQSL for FT8 mode to Data
How to configure TQSL to map FT8 to DATA
how to have HRD recognize new rig
how to set up rtty?
How to tune the FT-897 with HRD
HRD 5.24 and Win 10?
HRD 6.3.0.xxxx many annoying crashes
HRD > DM780
HRD & Icom 706MKIIG
HRD & Windows 10
HRD and FT450 Frequency resetting
HRD and Icom 736 via ZLP proplus
HRD and Icom 7610
HRD and JT65-HF
HRD and Rigblaster Plus II
All HRD and Signalink Set Up
HRD and TS590SG
HRD causes IC-7300 to immediately start transmitting when started
HRD crashing continuously
HRD DM 780 PSK 31
HRD Error
HRD for a TS450S
HRD for contesting
HRD Free with a FTdx-3000
HRD + ICOM Pro III + Signalink USB - How do I hook them all up?
HRD Logbook Issues
HRD log and LOTW
HRD Logbook Issues
HRD Logbook keeps closing on its own
HRD Newbie with TS 2000
HRD not following the Frequency
HRD on Raspberry Pi2?
! HRD on Win XP - No Audio
HRD Remote Audio Configuration
HRD remote compatibility between 6.1 and 6.2?
HRD Satellite
HRD Software company advisory
HRD Start Up in Full Screen
HRD Support? UDP Freq Broadcast Software?
HRD Third Party Serial Port
HRD transmitting sometimes in CW
HRD v.5.24 & Windows Vista
HRD v5 download info
HRD with Anan-100D won't stay connected. Help!
HRD won't quite boot up
HRD won't stay connected
HRD, Yaesu FT-450D, LDG YS-450 antenna tuner, and RigBlaster Advantage issue.
IDE to serial adapter
Issue Customizing Buttons
It's good to be back!
JT9 et al
Just download HRD and bought a Signalink USB
Kachina DS)500 Rig (1999 vintage soft radio)
Kenwood TS590s
Label print problem
Log book will not open
Log Book has stopped working
Log book will not open
HRD Logbook Issues
Logbook Access File Location
Logbook and LoTW
Logbook coming up with an error
logbook connecting
logbook crashing / acting irregularly
duplicate logbook entries
Logbook File tabs missing, also frequency display gone.. HELP!
Logbook Lookup
Logbook of the World and Ham Radio Deluxe
Logbook quit working/solution
Logbook stopped sending info to eQSL
LogBook Stopped Working
Logging issue
Losing Com port connection with HRD, Rigblaster and Kenwood TS2000
Lost freq. tracking in Log Book
Lost the ability to right click and have call sign populated
LOTW and split function within HRD
LoTW - Upload & Downloading
Low Audio on DM-780 Waterfall
Macro tag for report?
Materials for antenna????
May need a new cable?
Migrating to Win 10
Moderator/Co-owner needed
Multiple call signs in spot filter (DX cluster)
My lo.gbook doesn´t not exist
My logbook doesn´t not exist
Changing My Station info to new call sign
New computer
New HRD Issue
New HRD verses 5.0?
new member with questions
New to ham, and digital
New to HRD
New to the Group Intro
New to the group, question why won't connect.
New to the Group with Two Questions
New version HRD Logbook Crashes
no power output
No receive audio on remote laptop
No upgrade for me
NOAA data to work in V5 and up.
Not Able to Erase Transmit Window after Transmitting
Not saving macro changes.
Paid Version. Is it worth it?
Popup with question Kosovo
Printing QSL Labels
Probably not an HRD problem...
Problem uploading to Lotw
Problem with version
Problems with latest version
Problems with latest version
PSK 31
PSK reporter not working
psk31 and alc reduction
PSK31 stopped
PTT on Icom ID-5100
PTT Question
QRZ lookup in logbook not working and many links to support on HRD w
QRZ lookup in logbook not working and many links to support on HRD website are broken?
QRZ Lookups
QRZCQ callsign lookup
New configuration file out for TQSL
QSL labels
QSL Message
QSO Relay - Release 1.2 Now Available
QSO Relay Software - JTAlertX 2.9.x link to Ham Radio Deluxe 6.x Logbook
QSO Relay version 1.3
Radio Control for the FT-897D
Re[2]: FT-857D Memory Chan nels
Re[3]: Hanging up on logbook
Reinstalling HRD
Remote Auto / Operation SIP or Voice over IP redirected ?
Remote Operating with HRD & KX3
Remote Operating with HRD and other radios?
Remote operation with latest win 10 and latest HRD
remote setup
Right antewnna for frequency
Rotators and HRD
RTTY Split Operation
Same data stream in five places on SuperSweeper
Satellite Tracking in HRD
save DM780 macro edit
Saving settings
screen freezes in hrd
Sending and Receiving CW on HRD
Setup2.dll Problems
Short HRD DM780 Macro errors with WinKeyer USB
Simplest way to get to the log?
Slow Cluster Band Switching
spotting keeps going AWOL
HRD 12mo Software Support and Updates
This forum/group
This might have been asked but maybe not
Tips :)
Transfering HRD to a different computer.
TS-590 Memory up / down?
TS590SG / HRD / WSJT-x
Two radios with HRD
Typing problems using HRD Digital Master
HRD Support? UDP Freq Broadcast Software?
Now it's fixed: Unable to load odbcji32.dll
Unable to load odbcji32.dll Same thing happened to me today
Uninstalling HRD ready for clean install
Unspecified Error Opening Logger
Unspecified Error Opening Logger
Upgrade Procedure Question
Uploading a QSO to LoTW using different certificates [1 Attachment]
USB Knob for HRD
USB to RS-232 Serial Converter
Using ATU with HRD
Using HRD with Elecraft K3S using USB connection
Using Remote
Using Two Radios for Satellite Use
Vector / Logbook
Ver Chashing with WIN 10
Version 5.24.36 Logbook Crashes HRD when opened
Very slow response time on TS-480SAT
DM-780 waterfall
What counts, what doesnt for signal strength concerning your antenna
What do you think?
Why won't everything shut down at once
Windows 8.1 compatibility
Short HRD DM780 Macro errors with WinKeyer USB
Short HRD DM780 Macro errors with WinKeyer USB
WinKeyer USB help again
worked status
Wrong bearing in HRD Rotator
Wrong UTC Time
Yaesu 857, SSTV, CW, and maybe CAT
Yaesu memories?
Yaesu SCU-17 Interface & Ham radio Deluxe.