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12V 12AH SLA Batteries
$30 Display for Computer
4:1 Balun for OCF Antenna
[Bulk] 4-wire E&M Device/App
5v 3A DC-DC Converter Testing
A Ham's Guide to RFI, Ferrites, Baluns, and Audio Interfacing
A Suitcase "Telephone Company"
A Tech Solution To a Small BP Monitor?
Amateur Radio and Helmet Cams
Amateur Radio Scouting Event May 19-21
Amateur Radio Videos
Antenna Crash Course
Antenna Patch Panel DIY Project
Antennas always look better with a pretty girl in the frame
APRS Geolocation and DMR MD-390 Radios with GPS
APRS Geolocation and DMR MD-390 Radios with GPS
APRS Signal 3 July 2015 10:55 EDT
[aredn] Fw: [Rrc] FW: [NJRACES] FCC Proposal
ARRL ARES Simulated Emergency Test 2017 Bergen/Passaic County (SET 2017) Announcement
Asterisk Playtones() Questions
[pcaresraces] Awesome Antenna Article with animations on Wikipedia
Fwd: Back to Back on routing on power up
Backpack sale
BARA and Chestnut Ridge TECHNICAL NET Dec 17 2015
BARA/Chestnut Ridge Radio Club Technical Net March 19 2015
BARA/Chestnut Ridge RC Technical Net March 12
BARA/CRRC Tech Net - 20141113
BARA/CRRC Tech Net - 20150527
BARA/CRRC Technical Net 20150305
BARA March 1, 2015 meeting program
BARA Tech Net -20171019
BARA Tech Net 14 May 2015
BARA Tech Net 17 September 2015
BARA Tech Net 19 November 2015
BARA Tech Net 2 April 2015
BARA Tech Net - 20140522
BARA Tech Net - 20140604 - Roster and Summary
BARA TECH NET - 20141023
BARA Tech Net - 20141204
BARA Tech Net 22 January 2015
BARA Tech Net 26 March 2015
BARA Tech Net 9 April 2015
BARA Tech Net August 21 2014
BARA Tech Net January 15 2015
BARA Tech Net July 24 2014
BARA Tech Net June 19 2014
BARA Tech Net Summary - 20140529
BBHN BETA 1.1.0 for LInksys Question
Bergen County ARES Net Thursday 12/21 - Net Control Needed
Bergenfield Boy Scout Troop 139 Hamfest Reminder - Saturday, August 3
Bi-quad antenna for WiFi
Bouncing Email
[Bulk] 4-wire E&M Device/App
[CERT] Packs & Vests?
Change Log Highlights and Wish List
Chestnut Ridge Digital Net – Tuesday 9 :00 PM – MMDVM Guest Speaker This Week
Chestnut Ridge Radio Club Web Site?
Cisco Phone and PAP2 questions...
Cleaning Corroded Battery Contacts
CloudRF for link planning
Congrats! To W2TTT on His Sept 2017 QST Article
CQ Magazine Oct 2013 HSMM Mesh article
Crop Walk Oct 20th
Data Form [1 Attachment]
Fwd: [DAWG-HSMM] LAN Messenger
FW: [DAWG-HSMM] Non-HSMM router
DC Power Supply Load for Testing
Digest Number 59
Distance parameter in HSMM setup
DMR videos and nets
Easy To Do: Support An Antenna For Every Ham
Fair Lawn MESH Network
Finding lost people
For Sale: 46 ft Rohn 45G Tower & Accessories
For Sale: 56 ft Rohn 45 Tower & Accessories
For Sale Antenna Power Dividers for Stacking 222, 432 or 1296 MHz Antennas
For Sale Rohn 25 Tower Sections & Accessories
Free Space Path Loss And Mesh Node Measurement
FS: McMurdo-Silver 802 Receiver and 701 Transmitter Pair - Rare/Tiny
FW: 2013 Ramapo Routes
FW: All NANUK watertight protective cases 50% off!
FW: BARA/CRRC Tech Net - 20160721
FW: BARA Invitation
Fw: BARA Tech Net Roster & Notes - 20140424
FW: BB60C for interference hunting and remote spectrum monitoring
FW: BBHN 1.0.1 for Ubiquiti Released
FW: [bcraces] MT-63 Monitoring
Fw: [BergenSkywarn] Tracking Hurricane Matthew - Official NWS National Hurricane Center Graphic Link
FW: [DAWG-HSMM] BBHN Support for Ubiquiti Device nears Release
FW: [DAWG-HSMM] Bidirectional Amplifiers
FW: [DAWG-HSMM] Fire Chat for Local Communications
FW: [DAWG-HSMM] Non-HSMM router
[Troop139] FW: Fair Lawn NJ Ham Radio Auction - REMINDER
FW: IP Camera on Broadband-Hamnet v1.0.0
FW: Mesh Nodes in Bergenfield
FW: [MMTTY] JT65 QSY Issue
FW: [MRCA] 630 and 2200 Meter bands are now authorized
FW: Net Times for SkyWarn Data Collection
FW: New Broadband-Hamnet Firmware Released !
FW: New Promotional Video of Amateur Radio and Radio Tech Generally
FW: [pcaresraces] 2015 Passaic County Fair
FW: Ramapo Mountain Hamfest this Saturday August 24th!!
FW: REMINDER: Wayne-NJ Amateur Radio Club's next monthly meeting on Feb 3, 2014
Fwd: FW: [RFI] "No RFI" LED bulbs
Fw: [RFI] [ ] "Electronic Noise Is Drowning Out the Internet of Things"
Fw: [Rrc] Fw: DV4mobile at Hamvention
[aredn] Fw: [Rrc] FW: [NJRACES] FCC Proposal
FW: The ghostly radio station that no one claims to run
Fwd: 4pcs 3.7V 2300mAh 14500 Purple Li-ion Rechargeable Battery For LED Flashlight UP | eBay
Fwd: [baofeng_uv5r] Scanner Laws
Fwd: Changes Coming to the Amateur Radio Emergency Service
Fwd: [DAWG-HSMM] LAN Messenger
Fwd: Equip for sale
Fwd: Marco KC2ZMA ham radio YouTube channel
Fwd: Multi band OFC ant.
Fwd: Patron saint of amateur radio operators. Piece of interest - Eric.
Fwd: Solar Panels
Fwd: Fwd: Unable to deliver your message [3 Attachments]
Gordon's Trailer with panels, box and framework
GT3 & UV5R No audio solve...
Ham Stick Dipole Mount
Heartbleed SSL Vulnerability Detector
FW: HF Interference [1 Attachment]
High RF
How to print an Official Copy of your FCC license
HSMM Mesh Bucket Node
HSMM Mesh on Raspberry Pi
HSMM-MESH Workshop Night - Monday, August 12 - Hawthorne Fire Dept.
HSMM Networking...
IC 718 and Mixer
Inkjet Produced Circuit Boards
Interesting podcast about commercial 802.11 mesh networking
International Space Station flyby
Jim Jackson Memorial Gathering Friday, 6/19 2:30 PM
Join the Communications Technology Group on Yahoo Groups!
FW: [MMTTY] JT65 QSY Issue
Latest Videos of IC-7300 in Action in the USA
Left / Right Antenna Ports Verified
Linksys WRT 1900AC
Linksys WRT54G Locked in Access Point Mode
Listening to the International Space Station
Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries LiFePO4 For Amateur Radio and Other Uses
Loop For 160 meters
Magnetic Loop Antennas (MLA), Materials, and Small Transmitting Loops (STLs)
Mesh Network BBHN Beta version 3.0.0 Testing
Mesh Network Nodes upgraded to Broadband Hamnet version 1.1.1
MESH network progress
Mesh Nodes in Bergenfield
MESH software/applications question
Mobile Hotspot & Gateway
Mobile Mast
Mobile Mesh Node
Mobile Operations - Power Supply Upgrade
Needed: Jim Joyce's Off Center Fed Dipole Spreadsheet
Network Code Versions & Network Topologies
New file uploaded to ComTechGroup
New Local DMR Net On Thrusday @ 8:00 PM
New Member
New Mesh Site tree problems
New Promotional Video of Amateur Radio and Radio Tech Generally
[Rrc] New Weather Station - Tycon Systems TP2700WC First Impressions
New York City Marathon 2016 Recap
Node Kit information gathering & remote administration
Non-Solid State Radios
Ode to a Node
Omni antenna experiment #1
Outdoor Enclosures
Parity Act Passes House, AGAIN!
Passaic County Fair 2017 - Volunteer Amateur Radio Operators for 17-20 August, 2017
Passaic County Fair Ham Radio Volunteers - Info Needed - Please Reply
PBX Success
[pcaresraces] Awesome Antenna Article with animations on Wikipedia
[pcaresraces] MESH Networking
Power Distribution Switch Box
Power Distribution Switch Box - COMPLETION PHOTOS
Power Supply Module for a variety of applications.
PowerPole Locks
UPDATE [Rrc] QST Digital Edition - February 2015 & 2014 Year in Review
APRS Geolocation and DMR MD-390 Radios with GPS
Ramapo Rally Volunteers Needed Sunday, 8/17
Randy, WU2S & Gordon, W2TTT Tunnel Mesh to TX & CA
Raspberry Pi 12V power board
Raspberry Pi 2W Mesh Node
Raspberry PI 3 released today
RasPBX Progress
recommendation: Github group
Reminder: Monthly ARES NNJ Section Net 2000 ET 146.895 (-600 kHz) PL 151.4
Replacing Display LED'S on a Kenwood TM-V7A: photos
ROHN 25 Tower Sections and 20 ft Masts for Sale in Northern NJ
[Rrc] Fwd: [] Jamboree on the Air - Saturday, October 15, 2016
[Rrc] New Weather Station - Tycon Systems TP2700WC First Impressions
UPDATE [Rrc] QST Digital Edition - February 2015 & 2014 Year in Review
[Rrc] Radios
Sad News - K2ETN now SK
SatNOGS a global network of ground stations
SIP Progress!
MESH software/applications question
Solar Panels
SOLVED! Wireless 900Mhz Headphones
Spool Rack DIY Project
SSH Interface
Sunhans SH-2000 2.4GHz Wireless WiFi Broadband Amplifier Signal Booster
Switching High Voltage Amplifiers and other devices
Tactical Pants for Ham Radio-related Activities
BARA Tech Net -20171019
Tech Net Roster - 20141120
Tech Net Roster and Notes - 20150129
Telephones for VOIP
ARRL ARES Simulated Emergency Test 2017 Bergen/Passaic County (SET 2017) Announcement
Test Msg
The Case for 12-15 Volt POE
The NY-NJ-PA-DMR Ham Radio Network Information and programming video link.
ThinkPad shuts down unexpect edly – overheating? [Solved]
ThinkPad shuts down unexpectedly - ov.erheating? [Solved]
Thursday night Roster 8/28/14
Toroid Info and vendor
Trailer Hitch Device Stabilization
Transistor Nomenclature
[Troop139] FW: Fair Lawn NJ Ham Radio Auction - REMINDER
Up Converters
USB audio
Useful Links
Variable Light Temperature LED Desk Lamp
Video Camera mesh problem
VLAN 802.1q Managed Switch Netgear GS-108E
VoIP and Fldigi over the mesh
VoIP Distributed Universal Number Discovery (DUNDi)
What to do after the End of XP support
SOLVED! Wireless 900Mhz Headphones