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1st Light
8 inch newtonian
A computer control question.
A Couple of Unguided Images
A little help for Celestron StarSense please
A new Astro auction site
About to take the plunge and buy some Astronomy gear
AC Power Cord
Adding new object - help / information required.
Adjusting the declination clutch lever
ADM Parts
Advice Astrophotography
Alignment & tracking without good polar alignment?
alignment issue
Alignment of Celestron Avx mount
Alignment stars
Alignment then hibernate
Also got "No Response 17" !
"No Response 17" due to RS-232 wire into AUX port ?
Another Introduction
Another Question
Anybody tuning an AVX yet?
Apologies and compliments to Mitch
Artificial Light at Night & Circadian Disruption
ASCOM setup for AVX
ASCOM setup for AVX
Astro Images taken at Rocky Mountain National Park
Astronomy Acronyms (
Attention all Members of the AVX group...
Attention, members
AVX auto guider orion-G3
Auto guiding with AVX
Auto guiding with AVX
Autoguider Frame Rate
Autoguiding: Calling all Detectives
Experimenting with two AVx mounts
AVX alignment
AVX and accessories
AVX and Mallincam weight limit
AVX and StarSense Problems
AVX and Stellarium 0.14.1
AVX arrival.
avx ascom control
AVX Assembly drawing/diagram
AVX auto guider orion-G3
AVX autoguider
AW: AVX Autoguiding with a ZWO ASI 120 MM-S
AVX Aux port
AVX + C11
AVX Calibration Routine, Button Weirdness, Backlash??
AVX case/ backpack
AVX clock issue
Avx connection by Imac
AVX continues to deliver
AVX counterweights
AVX DEC: a possible fault in the mount?
AVX Dec Stiffness Getting Worse
AVX Disassembly/Tuning guide
AVX drivers and POTH
AVX Error 16/17 after connecting SkyQLink
AVX gets plugs to protect Aux Ports....
AVX guideing at longer focal lengths
AVX has the "Shakes"
AVX issue
AVX M101 unguided
Experimenting with two AVx mounts
AVX Mount and Win 8
AVX Mount Disassembly
AVX open heart surgury
AVX phd log file
AVX power problem
AVX problems
AVX problems
AVX tuning musings...
AVX weight restriction
AVX with 9.25 Edge
AW: AVX Autoguiding with a ZWO ASI 120 MM-S
AW: AVX has the "Shakes"
AW: Experimenting with two AVx mounts
AW: Polar align only
AW: using Stellarium with the AVX mount and nexstar+ hc and Windows 7 pro software.
AXV mount clock runs fast?
Azimuth adjustment knobs interfere with polar alignment
Backlash settings?
balancing a stiff mount
Balancing an AVX Mount
Balancing an EdgeHD 8
Battery stuff was: (unknown)
Beginner suggestions for alignment (was Hey)
bluetooth connection to Celestron Avx
[Bulk] Total Lunar Eclipse
C8 setup
C9.25 on a AVX for DSO astrophotography
calibration and autoguide
Calibration modeling!
Call for Papers
Call me paranoid but...................
Cameras and Polaris and guide scopes...oh my!
Can the VX handle a C9.25 ???
Canadian observing weather
Cannot connect AVX HC to computer
AVX case/ backpack
CCD Camera
[celes tronVX] “S tar di dn’ t m ove e nough” pro blem
celestron 8" smt vs. edge hd
Celestron announces new GOTO VX series
Celestron ASCOM
Celestron AVX Mount RA Motor Not Working
Celestron AVX won't power up :(
Celestron contacted on the matter of the RA play.
Celestron Firmware Manager question
Celestron GPS accessory
celestron keypad
Celestron PEC tool and Phd 2.5
Celestron Two Star Alignment
CG-5 to VX comparison
choice between standard 8 vs.9.25
coaxing out better go to accuracy.
Comet ISON
Comet Lovejoy
Comet Pan Starrs
Comm port not recognised
Controling an AVX wit an iPad.
Controlling advanced Vx mount on NexRemote
Conundrum of sorts with polar scope and ota.
cord wrap +counterweight
no counter weight
counter weight bar wiggle...
CPC1100 and AVX
crunch time
DEC axis failure
Dec clutch slipping
Defective hand controller
Dew Shield
difficulty to upload images
Diffraction Spikes using a Refractor??
Display Align - ASPA versus Polar Scope versus both combined
Dithering Question
Does anyone know what this is.....?
Dovetail for Tak Tube Holder
Drive mode setting
drivers for orion g-3 color cam-ascom driver
DSLR histogram for Imaging
Duel Bar Set-up on AVX pointing wrong? Help.
Dumb hand control question
East heavy?
Emergency Stop
entering location/s
error-16 and power source
Error 17 on CGE HC, fix
Error codes on hand controller
Errors 16 and17
experimenting with long exposures
Experimenting with two AVx mounts
Failed connection to laptop
Finally got My gear all dialed in
Finally got a mostly clear night and M57
Finally got My gear all dialed in
Firmware Upgrade Issues
First alingment star accuracy
First Images using the AVX with C6N
First VX Impressions and Questions for Mitch

followup on out-of-control slewing problems
Foolw up on RTC challenges
Framing question
Fw: [#KOV-114036]: Alignment pin
FYI: Celestron RACI Illuminated 9x50 Finderscope batteries
Goofey Graph in PHD
Goto Home
Celestron GPS accessory
GPS accessory kit
GPUSB Windows 7 & AVX
AW: AVX Autoguiding with a ZWO ASI 120 MM-S
guiding and polar align
guiding/arc-seconds per pixel
Guiding problems
Guiding questions
Happy Bird Day. Polemaster Question
Has anyone hypertuned their AVX
Having Fun
HC Question
Thank you for help with Stellarium and Nexstar remote
HELP - error codes 16 and 17
Help! my AVX has gone mad
heres a PHD clip of my tracking with Polar scope finder
Beginner suggestions for alignment (was Hey)
Hi, I'm new to the group but already have a question.
Hibernate problem
how many teeth?
how many teeth?
How much weight can AVX mount handle.
How tight should the clutches be?
How to balance tripod
How to configure backlash
How to enable ST4 port?
How to extend your HC cable
How to level mount?
How to make the Celestron SkyPortal WiFi Adapter work with the AVX mount
How to Profile Your AVX Mount
I am not getting meridian flip in my VX mount
If you had to pick...??
Imaging on a Windy/Gusty night - Result Cacoon Nebula.
Imaging Over several nights?
imaging with a PST or Lunt 35mm
imbalance the mount
in field levling tripod
initial alignment
Interfacing with ASCOM
Invalid package message
Is Anybody Home???
Is there a pier or pier adapter for the AVX?
Is this feasible?
Is this working?
Issues with my AdvancedVX
It's time to send a message
Just got my pier adapter question
Lapping the gears?
Last nights First light... New home
Latest firmware foe Nexstar+?
“Star di dn’t m ove enough” problem
“Star didn’t m ove enough” problem
“Star didn’t mov e enough” problem
“Star didn’t move enough” problem
Lighter Loads for Better Function
Linguider, Raspberry Pi and QHY6
Sky Q Link was New Couple
lunar X
M 33
M27 June challenge CS3-4-5-6 proccessing.
M42 images
M42 nebulae
M74 Supernovae Challenge
Mac Users/ Stellarium?
Many "No Response 17 and 16" messages last night
MAX exposure time
Meridian Flip problem
missing something ?
monks mound observatory equipment
Mont help
moon and m25
Moon Shot
More weight to the East?
motor buzz...
Mount error model
Mount keeps moving after goto?
Mount No 2 tested for the first time (1st July 2013)
Mount Stops Slewing - but gears struggle to move it!
Mount stops tracking
mount surge in RA
Mount will not stop moving?
Movement in Dec
my old setup
Native and corrected Periodic Error
Need guidance..
Need your opinion on new scope...
New Advanced VX 8inch Newtonian Telescope
new again VX owner
New ASCOM Celestron driver
new AVX start-up nonsense
New couple on the block
New file uploaded to celestronVX
New image -M031 in Doug_O photos
New member
New Member - 2nd session with VX mount tonight, just 2 complaints so far
new to group
Hi, I'm new to the group but already have a question.
New to the group and looking at a VX for imaging
New user
New Video..
NexGuide Autoguider
Nexremote and AVX
Nexremote help please
Nexremote settings
NexRemote with multiple mounts
NexStar Evolution and VX Mount
Nexstar+ handset problems with ASCOM control
Nextremote with AVX Mount, I need help connecting
NGC 7000
no counter weight
No power
no response 16/17
"No Response 17" due to RS-232 wire into AUX port ?
OAG or not OAG, that is the question.
OAG or not OAG, that is the question.
Only slightly off topic
opinions of StarSense and GPS addons???
AVX auto guider orion-G3
PanStarrs Night
Partial Eclipse
PEC Tool does not install on Win10 Pro
PEC explanation, please!
PEC question
PEC Tool does not install on Win10 Pro
PEC Training
PEC withVX mount
Permanent Periodic Error Correction
PHD and PHD2 use with AVX
PHD -dec-drift goofey
PHD guiding
PHD2 and the AVX
photo album problems
Polar align and field rotation
Polar align -how often?
AW: Polar align only
Tracking and polar alignment
Polar Alignment NO FUSS
polar alignment video
Polar scope align inside the AVX mount Tutorial Part 1
Polar scope align inside the AVX tutorial
Post ASPA Realignment
Power Issues
Power receptacle
Meridian Flip problem
problem trouble shooting.
Problems Last Night
procedure for setting proper mesh on RA worm gear
Proud daddy!
Question About Autoguiding With the AVX
RA axis wobble
RA switch?
Ready to throw AVX in Ocean!
Real time clock challenges
Real Time Clock with SkySync
Reloading past firmware
Remote Operation?
Removing the RA motor housings
replaced warranty A-VX mount
Results of tracking test using SG-4 and unguided.
Right angle S-video adapter or connector
Rob's article in S&T
RTC dead
RTC not keeping time even with new battery
RTC problems
Same handset for alt/as and GEM?
Saving Tracking Mode & Tracking Rate
SBIG ST i guide kit
Schedule 80 PVC pipe for pier?
Scope hitting mount
second first light
Setting my expectations
Short cable
Side my side mounting
simple question
Sky Q Link was New Couple
Sky Q Link was New Couple
SkyPortal Universal Support replaces SkyQ
SkyQ Link Disaster
Slop in R.A. motor
Small 12v rechargeable battery?
Small 9v rechargeable battery?
Some Thoughts on the Celestron AVX Mount
Stacking Software
Star Sense Polar Alignment
starsense and skysync gps
Starsense in an observatory?
starsense on AVX
STi guider links
Sticktion in RA and DEC Axis
Sticktion in RA and DEC AxisM
Stiff movem not fix??
Suggestions mounting tak fsq 85 ed to avx mount?
[suggestions required]
Tat tat tat noise on the mount when moving
Telescope Setup
Tinkering anyone?
to run or not to run (away)
[Bulk] Total Lunar Eclipse
Tracking and polar alignment
Transporting telescope
Traveling with the AVX
Tutorial Part 1---explanation
Unable to get good calibration in PHD with AVX
Understanding PHD setings
Battery stuff was: (unknown)
Upload error
uploading images to album
USB to Serial Converter and cable
Using a Sky Watcher EQ5 Polar Scope
Using an old hand controller with the AVX
using Stellarium with the AVX mount and nexstar+ hc and Windows 7 pro software.
Using the Polar Scope in the dark.
VX Battery Power
VX Date/Time Keeping
VX Dec bearings and ADM accessories
VX Declination Clutch
VX fuse
Experimenting with two AVx mounts
VX Mount/EdgeHD 8 autoguiding how to keep the weight down
VX Mount first light what a pleasant surprise
VX new member
VX Reliability?
VX slewing problem
VX unguided times
Warning - Desiccant Plug for SBIG CCDs
Sorry about the lousy East Coast weather Celestron AVX won't power up :(
weight allowed
weight in question
Weight on the AVX
Weight on VX
Welcome new Member
Welcome NEW members
welcome Zado
What alignment aids do you use?
What not to do with your AVX
which firmware?
Which OSC?
WHY not use a Polar scope LOL
Why Use a Polar Scope?
Wiggle/play in Declination axis on new AVX
Worm Gear Upgrade for Lower Periodic Error
wow you dont waste time
Zap-On dew heaters........anyone have experience or knowledge about these?