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14" f5 Newtonian on an EQ8?
3 files added
3D Weight to balance Motors
55 Members and growing- Can't wait for Starfest and some quality EQ8 time
A big scope for skywatcher8
Accurate Home Position
Adapt mount to existing pier?
Advice required
Aligning the EQ 8/HDX110 without a polar scope for visual ONLY
Alignment & Pier Tripod
Alignment information seems to be lost
"Sky Model" to improve tracking/eliminate the need for auto guiding
An existing poll has been modified, check it out.
Another New Member...
Any chance of a US release?
Anybody know ?
Anyone controlling the EQ8 mount via the SkyScan HC cable?
Anyone know off hand if the EQ8 can operate with a side by side setup?
Asymmetrical loading of the EQ8 equatorial head
Attempting Dec backlash adjustment per instructions
"Sky Model" to improve tracking/eliminate the need for auto guiding
new owner question about auto home.
Autoguide rate
Autoguiding setup
AW: Autohome endless rotation on DEC
AW: Autohome endless rotation on DEC
AW: AW: AutoHome endless rotation on DEC
Az adjust pin.
AZ locking bolt size
Az locking screw issues with Polar Alignment
Azimuth post coming loose on tripod
Excessive backlash on the HDX-110 mount.
Balancing mount in RA
Before using your EQ8 read this or you may damage your mount
Before using your EQ8 read this or you may damage your mount- PIER???
Best option for sidesaddle set-up with the EQ8?
Best Practices for PHD2
Best tripod for the EQ8
Bubble level on Mount
Cable question
Cable Routing
Carraying capacity
Center Mount Bolt size tread M12 ?
Center tripod bolt size
Clutch lever interference possible fix!- Easy to do
Clutch lever screws
Clutches en movement (was:Tracking and the EQ8)
CN Posts- Let's move on guys Please!
Cold Weather Performance
Comet Trackging
Comparison opinion
Complete list of screws for eq8 Dec axis....
computer control of EQ8
Cone correction?
Confirmation on EQ8 threads
considering EQ8 for fully remote operation
Considering purchasing an EQ8
Controller Board
Counterweight Bar - male-end thread specification?
Counterweight retainer thread
Counterweight to offset DEC and RA motors
Crazy PHD Graph
Dan's Pier Top plate For EQ8 for Sale
De-centered EQ8 DEC wormwheel
De-centered worm wheel
Re DEC Adjustments EQ-8
DEC Axis back lash
DEC axis disassembly
Dec axis running away during Guiding
EQ8 and typical DEC backlash
Attempting Dec backlash adjustment per instructions
Dec backlash problem
DEC Bearings
Dec binding noise
Dec Printed Optical Encoder protection
DEC Stepper Problem
Dec worm alignment
Designing a pier for the EQ8
{Disarmed} {Disarmed} EQ8 calibrating Maxim dl
{Disarmed} {Disarmed} Tracking/Guiding Rate
Dovetail saddle
Drive Enable failure
Dual mounting bar home position issue
dual saddle mount
Dying EQ8
EdgeHD 14 on EQ8?
EQ-8 base
EQ 8 DEC backlash
eq 8 dec issues?
EQ 8 -On which problems must I count ?
EQ-8 RA noise
EQ-8 will not polar align
EQ-8 with large diameter pier
EQ altitude worm
EQ Direct vs PC Direct and goto errors
EQ home feature
Eq6 counterweights?
New file uploaded to SkywatcherEQ8
EQ8 & autoguiding - what is your performance?
EQ8 and Celestron ASCOM driver
EQ8 and EQ6 - a couple of problems I can't currently resolve
EQ8 and EQMod Settings
EQ8 and Maxim DL5.23
EQ8 and OTA Orientation
EQ8 and typical DEC backlash
EQ8 - basic dimensions r equired
EQ8 - basic dimensions required
EQ8 calibrating Maxim dl
EQ8 Concerns
EQ8 DEC axis cover
EQ8 DEC Backlash Adjustments
EQ8 Dimensions
EQ8 Drive Motor Counterweight
EQ8 dual mount
EQ8 End-Stops on the RA axis
EQ8 - EQ6 compatibility
EQ8 erratic GOTO slewing
EQ8 exact dimensions
EQ8 Flashing Power Light
EQ8 For sale
EQ8 goto accuracy
EQ8 guiding and PE
EQ8 Guiding First Light
EQ8 / HDX 110 Mount Case Dimesions
EQ8 help
EQ8 Home
EQ8 homing accuracy
EQ8 information pages
EQ8 issues?
EQ8 Just delivered
EQ8 - Looking at selling my mount
EQ8 MC Firmware - new relaase
EQ8 Meridian Flip details ... for ACP
EQ8 Meridian Flip details ... for ACP
..: EQ8 motor controlle r firmware version 2.14 Beta 1
EQ8 motor controller firmware version 2.14 Beta 1
EQ8 Mount Delivered Today
EQ8 Mount have come at home!
EQ8 Mount Head Hard Case
eq8 not working
EQ8 on an equatorial pier
EQ8 performance
EQ8 Periodic Error Corrections options?
EQ8 Periodoc Error
EQ8 Photo posting problem
EQ8 polar scope - to fit or not to fit, that is the question
EQ8 Prom-Review
EQ8 saddle upgrade ?
EQ8 - slight RA problem
EQ8 stalling on both axis saga
EQ8 survey
EQ8 SW longer counterweight rod
EQ8 tools stopped working
EQ8 Tripod Spare parts
EQ8 weights with RC 14"
EQ8Tools and Bluetooth
EQMOD & CdC for works!!!
EQmod Custom Gearing Ratios
EQMOD with EQ8
ESC button on handset
Excessive backlash on the HDX-110 mount.
First daylight for EQ8
First light for EQ8- Some troubles
First Light with Orion HDX110 and 12" RC
First Post
First time setting up hints?
Focusing question
Gemini2 Mini losing the plot
Glitchy communications to my HDX-110
Going "HOME" with EQMOD
Guideline Document
Guiding oddity. Is it related to saddle orientation?
guiding Performance
Handset Alignment Model
Hard stops on RA
HDX 110 failures
HDX110 and PHD2
HDX110 and Stellarium
HDX110 - dismay
HDX110/EQ8 On The Way
HDX110/EQ8 PC Interface
Hdx110 (eq8 ) problems
HDX110 Over-Slewing in DEC
HDX110 RA Balancing
Hello to Group
Help! EQ8 will not slew (was: Polar scope)
Help! EQ8 will not slew (was: Polar scope)
HELP: RA is increasing slowly when tracking at Sidereal
Home position , auto home, ota
ΑΠ: Home position EQ8
Home Position Offset and Side by Side
How can I adjust the RA/Dec worm slop?
How do I set a park position in EQMOD?
How many EQ8 owners use EQMOD?
I am looking for a co-moderator for the group
I'm new member Group
I would like to apologise . . . . (!!)
Initial goto
Isuue with EQ8 RA axis,
It's here . . . . . !!!
It's time to send a message
Just got my EQ8 - Question
Leveling feet teardown and cleaning.
Loose Screws -not- RA Backlash
Low altitude tracking
Lubricate DEC wormwheel
m16 Eagle Nebula
Meridian Flip / guiding Advice needed.
Meridian Flip on EQ8
Mesurment of the top of the pier
More PE data
Motor Controller Board
Motor Controller Board
Motor controller version
Mount command documentation?
Mount Information
Mount math ?
My mount is "sick"
Need advice on AutoPEC
Need help about PHD2 guiding software
Need help on thread size for Hold down bolts on the base of EQ8
New EQ8?
New EQ8 RA buzzing
New file uploaded to SkywatcherEQ8
New hand controller firmware
new hdx110, backlash question ?
New HDX110/EQ8
New member - Hello
New member to this Group.
New Motor Controller Firmware 2.10
New Orion HDX110 wont slew in RA
new owner question about auto home.
New poll for SkywatcherEQ8
New Site Format
New to the group
Newbie needs help!!!
Newbie problems
nylon pads
Observatory clearance dimensions
Occasional RA jumpiness and knocking sound....
Offset required for installing in dome observatory
Orion HDX110 Mount Tests & Video of Field Setup & Teardown
Orion MX-110 on Celestron C14
Orion Telescopes & Binoculars to sell EQ-8
PEC Setup On HDX110
PemPro & EQ8
Periodic Error Correction
PHD2 guiding & EQMOD: ST4 vs. EQMOD pulse guiding
please help
pointing accuracy?
Did I waste my money on the polar alignment scope?
polar alignment - not doing it right
Polar Alignment Scope for HDX-110
Aligning the EQ 8/HDX110 without a polar scope for visual ONLY
Poll results for SkywatcherEQ8
Poor guiding
Power Supply
Power adapter
Power converter for EQ8/HDX110
Power supplies and Polar Alignment and cables
Power Supply
Power supply connector standard
Power supply options
PPEC training how long does it take?
problem keeping mount and usb connections running. FIRST LIGHT!
problem keeping mount and usb connections running. FIRST LIGHT!
Problem with Side by Side Setup
Problem with The Sky 6 and EQ8
Progress At Last
QHY Polemaster
Questions Before Ordering this week
RA adjustment
RA assembly loose
RA Axis Rotational Limits
RA clutch adjustment
RA clutch adjustment advice wanted
RA Grinding and not moving!
RA Issues
RA Motor counter weight
RA Tracking
Random Hand Controller Firmware Errors
Re qc
Real Time Clock and Date
Red LED for polar finder‚
Remote control / automation
Replacing Controller Board
ring gear
Screw Loose
Serial connection blues (yet again)
Setting the mount with EQMOD to a Standard Home position
Side by Side 90 degree adapter for sale
Side by side mounting
Side-by-side scope alignment quandary
Side saddle effect on accuracy?
Significant design flaw and other observations
Silly wing nuts?
Skywatcher EQ8 arrival
Skywatcher EQ8 arrival
New file uploaded to SkywatcherEQ8
Slew problem in dec
Slight problem in RA has arisen after curing a slight problem in DEC
Slipping Axes
Small scopes
Small warning, recent EQ8's
Small warning, recent EQ8's (Dec BL)
software to do all sky models
Solutions for Dec housing water collection
Sorting out OTA's own balance cured my PhD spikes
spikes in autoguiding
Spikes while guiding
Strange behavior HDX110
Strange goto and parking behavior.
Strange Guiding
Stuck - RA Backlash
Sun Menu?
SV: Dec backlash problem
Thanks for starting the group
The Sky X support for EQ8
Tight Dec axis
Too sticky?
Clutches en movement (was:Tracking and the EQ8)
{Disarmed} {Disarmed} Tracking/Guiding Rate
tracking past meridian
Trailing in dec
Trailing in dec (long!)
transporting mount head
transporting the tripod
Tripod options for the EQ8
Upgrade for EQ8/HDX-110 mounts in beta - fact or fiction
USB to RS232 Serial Board Module
USB to Serial converters
Using a side-by-side saddle
Using auto home with eqmod autopec
v3.36 released today - 7 November 2014
Welcome new Moderators
What is the max scope size someone uses on the EQ8?
What to buy?
Which software for an Orion HDX 110 mount
Worm harmonics
Worm period EQ-8
Worm wheel access