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080716 sun
1.25" Mirror Diagonals - Any suggestions?
102 AZ F5 Scope questions
12-volt power to C-11?? Also... back focus question??
12V DC adapter plug
160614 Night
2 inch eyepices on the SLT 102
2 inch focuser
2 weeks off
20" Celestron
20" gone?
6" SCT or 5" MAK
6SE/8SE tripod height
8-inch Celestron Schmidt Camera For Sale
800 Edge HD and a two inch diagonal
FW: 8i Carrying Case
8i Tripod leg tip
9.25 vs 11 with Mallincam. Which mount and optics
A day late and a dollar short ...
Rip Off was A disappointed fan
A long hiatus
A nice looking Sunrise.
A nut in my OTA, what to do?
A piece of advice urgently wanted...
AAM firmware
AAM replacement options?
Absolutly my CG5 howles when slewing
AC adapter
Accessory Hole Thread Size on rear cell of C9.25 Edge
Accuracy of Nexstar
Advanced Series mount
advice for dew shield for SCT 9.25?
Altitude Pads on 8" Starhopper
"field flatness" issues with 8"SCT?
"safety stop" for SCT rail?
Announcement: Meet the Celestron Rep TODAY!
Announcing New Review Site for Astronomy Products -
Another New Member, Another Andy - Dang
Anyone got a DSC set (encoders and main unit) F/S
Anyone have a C80 ED???
Anyone recently get a CGEM 800 HD or CPC 800 HD?
AR2214 and 2209
Assy Hole Thread Size on Rear Cell of 9.25 Edge.
Astro Travel
Finder scope on the Astromaster 114EQ
Astronomy Day Jupiter
astronomy software
Astronomy- The Humblest of Hobbies
astrophotos with Canon A510 camera?
autoguiding CG5 GT mount Steppers or servos
autoguiding CG5 GT mount Steppers or servos
Autoguiding group
AVX for guiding?
AVX index marks
AVX mount
Axiom 31mm, 15x70 Starmaster
Back in town, Christopher ?
Bad night for Mars
Bad skies
Balance problem.
Balancing SCT with "heavy" eyepiece?
Basler Ace ACA640-100GM Monochrome GigE Camera
Beaver Moon
best filter(s) for Jupiter/Saturn?
Best Finderscope fo Nexstar SE8?
Bigger Is Better-Right?
Blown 8" NexStar GPS - FIXED
Blown Diode in Advanced GT goto tripod.
Brainwave Blurry SCT Images
bolting Nexstar 8SE fork and base to Meade standard field tripod?
Bracket for Antares RACI Finderscope
Brainwave Blurry SCT Images
bright stars "blooming" visually?
Building a telescope
[BULK] Celestron Firstscope 80EQ as finder for C1
[BULK] Celestron Firstscope 80EQ as finder for C11???
[BULK] Having trouble seeing things with FirstScope
Buying advice
C-11 OTA on LXD55 Mount?
C-8 motors
C10 NGT Mount + GPS Unit. Reply
C10 NGT Mount + GPS Unit. Reply
C10 NGT MOUNT - Reply to all
C11 and Starizona Hyperstar
C11 Cleaning & Modification - Parts 1 through 9...
C11 collimation
C11-GT(XLT) and CG-5 computerized mount
C11 history question
C130 Mak collimation?
C14 finds planet X
C14 front cell
C14 - question
c14 schematic
C20 catalog
C20's for sale??
C20 catalog
C5+ dovetail Question
C5 focuser upgrade
C6-SE or C6-SGT???
C6-SE or C6-SGT???
c6-sgt electric focuser
C6R Modifications ACO to APO?
C8 Corrector Plate blemishes
C8 Fork Mount RA Fine Tuning
C8 mirror shift and 'dead zone'
C8 or C9 1/4 which is beter . .
C8 Restoration
C8 SCT circa 1979
C8 SCT circa 1979 condition of mirrors?
c8 serial numbers
C8 SGT Diagonal
C8-SGT: Stiffness in RA
C8-SGT vs. NexStar 8i
C8 w/byers adjustments
C8 XLT vs C9.25 (Advances Series)
C9.25 AS vs NexStar 9.25 Questions
C90/C5 questions
C90 Mak erecting prism swap-out question
c90 orange body
California Nebula
Camera help
Can I get a C5 decal`
Can Losmandy GM8 carry the C11 ota
Cannot focus C-11
Canon 5D Mk II on a Celestron C8 EdgeHD OTA - Focuser???
Canon 6D Raw Review
[Canon_DSLR_Digital_Astro] First Light - SVA-130EDT
Cel 20 and 22
Celestar 8 Deluxe power adapter
Celestar 8 Deluxe power adapter
Celestar Optics
Celestar RA drive not working
Celestar RA motor problem
Celestial Sampler
Celeston Edge FR to atik camera??
Celestron handset differences
Celestron 114GT
celestron 127EQ
Celestron 8" value
Celestron 8i SE Altitude Motor
Celestron 9.25 Secondary mirror mounting loose!
Celestron Accessory Kit
Celestron Advanced VX Mount - Problems
Celestron's New NexImage Solar System Imager
Celestron and Vixen Optics Day at Adorama
Celestron Astromaster 130EQ Telescope
Celestron at R.T.M.C.
Celestron C-11 focus knob excess friction?
Celestron C 9.25" MADE IN CHINA???
Celestron C11 back-focus for image train choices
Celestron C11 casting radius
Celestron CG-4 Mount Mod for Low Latitudes
Celestron CGEM DX1100 Mount + Autoguider Comm Problem
Celestron Choices
Celestron Day at Adorama
Celestron First Scope 114 EQ Short
Celestron Firstscope 80EQ as finder for C11??? & Vertigo!!
Celestron Firstscope 80EQ as finder for C11??? & Vertigo!!
Celestron G8
Celestron has started selling parts??
Celestron Heavy Duty Tripod use with non-Celestron mounts?
Celestron history
Celestron Heavy Duty Tripod use with non-Celestron mounts?
Celestron Nexstar 130 GT vs. Meade DS2130 ... comments wanted
Celestron NexStar 6SE and GPS
celestron orange tube c8
Celestron OTA's
Celestron Parts
Celestron polar scope
Celestron Powerstar 8
Celestron Powerstar PEC
Celestron query
Celestron RACI Finderscope
Celestron Reducer/Corrector
Celestron SCT 2" thread size and others ?
Celestron sold? Maybe they'll fire the "customer service" folks
Celestron sold? Maybe they'll fire the "customer service" folks
Celestron sold? Maybe they'll fire the "customer service" folks
Celestron SPC102, Whats it worth?
Celestron StarHopper Dobsonians
Celestron Support
Celestron - Telescopes for the Living room - almost
Celestron Touch Up Paint
Celestron Ultima 11
Celestron Vixen...Anybody know?
Celestron Website
Celestron will NOT ship to US Service Members!
[CelestronCGEM] Sun Spot AR2526
Celstar 8 w/Advanced Astro Master DSC and Cartes du Ciel
Celestron CG-4 Mount Mod for Low Latitudes
CG-5 Dovetail
CG-5 Advanced Series Non-GoTo Mount?
CG-5 Dovetail
CG-5 GT backlash
CG-5 GT pointing
CG-5 GT question
CG-5 mount
CG-5 polar scope question
CG-5GT Weight handeling
CG5 Error
cg5 mount
CGE mount any good?
CGE - Mount payload?
CGE Pro 1400 fastar owner
CGE Pro 1400  fa star owner
CGE Pro 1400  fastar owner
CGE Pro Discontinued
CGE Reviews
CGE run-away GOTO
CGEM and the Iris Nebula
CGEM-DX; Good or Bad
This one was a chance capture.
China or here?
Christmas present to myself
Clasic C11 periodic error
Classic C11 periodic error
CO-80 Astronomical Telescope
Collimating C150HD
Collimating Orange C90 Spotting Scope
EdgeHD focus problem or collimation?
Collimation Lasers
Collimation Question
Collimation Screws...
comments on Meade Series 4000 SWA E.P.?
Comments on Starhoppers?
comparison between Celestron and Orion 8" Newt OTA's?
Computer hut
Computerized control of "Advanced Series CX-SGT" telescope.
Condensation inside C9.25 SCT
Considering purchasing a used CG-11
considering upgrading to C-8 SCT or Newt ... advice wanted
Problem with CGEM DX1100 Motor or Hand Controller (Suggestions Needed)
Corrector plate
Corredtor Plate & Housing Needed
counterweight set 94191
CPC 800 goto fail
CPC 925 Alignment Issues
Help finding .965 Crosshair Eyepiece for 1985 C8+ 8x50 finder
Debating Over Celestron C8-NGT or Meade 8" SNT or (10")
[DeepSkyStacker] flip the horse
Defective CGE Pro Mount swapping cables..
Delta Aquarid Meteor Shower?
Detail on well lit moon
Dew Questions
Dew removal
Dew sheild
C11 Dew Shield: Notch or no Notch?
dew zapper
Digest Number 131
Digest Number 194
Digest Number 388
Digest Number 453
Digest Number 79
Digest Number 89
[digital_astro] Full Cold Moon 40 panel mosaic
[digital_astro] Heart of the Orion
Digital setting circles
Do Over of Over processed Jupiter
dobs vs others
dobs vs others
Hand control left button doesn't move mount (AVX)
Drive Corrector and the old C5, part II
Drive Correctors
Drive-gear-reduction gear relationship
dsc & starhopper
DSLR and focusing
Dual Axis Drive CG-5 Mount
Dual Axis Drive CG-5 Mount
Duhhh - told you I was a novice....
Dumb questions on settings
E-Lux Eyepieces
Early Celestron Paint
East Coast Conference on Astronomical Imaging - August 11-13, 2006
Eclipsed Moon
Edge 14" Focal Reducer Back Focus Issue
EdgeHD 1400 Focal Reducer
EdgeHD focus problem or collimation?
Emergency Slew stop
EQ mount for firstscope 114 short
evaluating wide-field EP for 9.25 SCT
Help finding .965 Crosshair Eyepiece for 1985 C8+ 8x50 finder
eyepiece advice ... thanks Terry
f6.3 focal reducer on C9.25
Fastar instructions
few clear nights
Finder scope
Finder scope on the Astromaster 114EQ
FireCapture, and computers
First C5+ experiences
First image with SV60EDS
First Jupitor shot
First light Canon 450D Baader Mod
First light electronic focuser on C-11
[Canon_DSLR_Digital_Astro] First Light - SVA-130EDT
First Light with NexImage 5
First light ZWO ASI174MM-Cool
First Llight – Baader Mod Canon 6D
First LRGB image
First post of 2009!
first try at the Horsehead
Firstscope 114EQ eyepiece-holder
Firstscope 114EQ eyepiece-holder
seeking advice on red flashlights ...
flickr explore part 2
flickr explore part 2
[DeepSkyStacker] flip the horse
Celestron f/6.3 focal reducer
EdgeHD focus problem or collimation?
C-90 Focus Ring:
First light electronic focuser on C-11
focusing SCT
focusing SCT
Off Axis Guider For Sale
Fork Mount side plate bolts/screws?
Founder of Celestron passes away.
Friday night's efforts
[digital_astro] Full Cold Moon 40 panel mosaic
FW: 8i Carrying Case
FW: Awesome APOD Nikon pic!
FW: Live Asteroid Flyby Webcast Tonight!
Fwd: Having trouble seeing things with FirstScope
G-5 Mounting to a PST (solar) and Bolts for Mount
Getting back into DSOs
Getting back to DSOs
Good night
goto telescope
goto yet again with the 9.25 SGT
Blown 8" NexStar GPS - FIXED
grab & go options... binocs vs refractor vs reflector?
Great night imaging
Great Personal News - The Entire Story
Great Personal News - The Entire Story
Grouply invitations - DANGER!
Guess I'm out of luck
Hand control left button doesn't move mount (AVX)
Problem with CGEM DX1100 Motor or Hand Controller (Suggestions Needed)
Happy New Year everyone!
Has anyone used an ETX-90 as a guiderscope?
Fwd: Having trouble seeing things with FirstScope
Hawaiian Astronomy!
Head lamp
[digital_astro] Heart of the Orion
Hello from milwaukee wi
Hello & Introduction
Help.....C8 Opinion welcome
Help-Celestron Quartz crystal Drive
Help Eliminate ground loops
Help finding .965 Crosshair Eyepiece for 1985 C8+ 8x50 finder
Help me about Celestron C8 OTA on Orion SkyViewPro Eq.Mount
Help new member
Help on building a concrete pier, lining up a wedge etc.
Help Sought
Help with Celestron 8" SCT Advanced Series and Polar Finder
Help with wedge/polar alignment w/o being able to see Polaris
here we go
Hey Chris...
Hi all! How can I enable a Celestron ASGT
Hi all! How can I enable a Celestron ASGT
Hi all! How can I enable a Celestron ASGT mount to use Losmandy dovetails?
Hi, new member
Hi newbie Wanting advice on buying a telescope
History Channel Tonight
Holiday season for astronomy
Horse head and Flame
How Far?
How rare is the MPCC coma corrector?
Hurricane recovery
Hyperstar Moon
HyperTune CGEM?
I finally upgraded to a bigger scope!
i have a vista 64 bit laptop..but
i just joined.
Identifying marks
image shift
Imaging with a Nexstar SE series mount
in-city observing: -Outcity Observing
in-city observing: red glasses or light shields?
In Recovery
Input for a new scope needed
Interesting grouping of Jovian Moons, 2005 June 15, 02:35 UT
Intriguing new CCD astro camera.
Introduce myself
Just a brief introduction.
IR filter
Is Celestron replacing the NexstarGPS???
Is there a black hole at the Celestron repair facility?
Issues in astronomy
It's old but it's still good!
It's time to change
It's time to send a message
Junk Celestron was not junk
Jupiter Rising
Jupiter 10/02/12
Jupiter 10/15/12
Jupiter 10-23-12
Jupiter 10/28
Jupiter 10-28-12
Jupiter 10-29-12
Jupiter 11/07/12
Jupiter 12-01-12
Jupiter 12-02-12 Flea3 USB3 color
Jupiter 18 October
Jupiter, 2005 June 6
Jupiter, 5/12/05, on a not-so-perfect night
Jupiter 7/18
Jupiter 9-2-12
Jupiter and Europa 12-21-12 (just right before the end) Grin
Jupiter and moon
Jupiter, Europa and Io
jupiter rotation with C5
Jupiter this day
Jupiter this morning
Just a brief introduction.
Just a little wishfull thinking..
Just got new E-mail address Chris, tell me if this works.
just joined C14 group
Just joined--question about Meade vs. Celestron
Just purchased an OLD C11, orange tube. Needs some work
Keeping the plantary camera cool
Laser collimating my PS 127EQ
Last nights orion
Last Night 04-24-12
Last night's images from Pflugerville, TX
Last night's images 06-13
Last night's images (Turblant skies)
Last night's imaging
Last night's shots with the acA1300
Last night testing and images
Last nights orion
Last nights shots
Last two nights
LED lighting - light pollution
LED lighting - light polution
LED Lights (slightly OT)
Light Box for CGE1100 Fastar for Flats
Lightpollution Telescope
Looking for SCT Collimation tool recommendations
Loose nut in OTA
Losmandy D series dovetail on Celestron Dovetail bar (CGE) [item # 94216]
LXD55 - GM8
LXD75 mount then?
M-008 - Pflugerville, TX
M-13 image and mount issues
M-27 Ring Nebula
M-33 last night
super saturated M-57 Ring Nebula
M-74 with supernova captured
M-8 Lagoon Nebula
M-81 & 82 With the SV70T
M101 year over year and The Sunflower Galaxy
M51 and M82
M57 close up
Making my own camera magnifier-focuser-looking for...
Making my own camera magnifier-focuser-looking for lens source
Mars - 080314
may 20th
Meade "Jupiter" 114 EQ-D
Meade buying Celestron? Hardly.
Meade buying Celestron? Hardly.
Measurement Needed for new CGEM-DX
Micrometer Readout Device For C80ED-R Focuser
Mirror locks
C8 mirror shift and 'dead zone'
Moderator, Do I need permission to post CPC 800 XLT and Goddies 4 sale .
Moderator, Do I need permission to post CPC 800 XLT and Goddies 4 sale .
Moon Madness - It was a night to shoot the moon...
160614 moon shots
more Beaver images
more Comet Lovejoy C/2014 Q2
More images
More important Celestron news
motor drive for eq mount --firstscope 114
Motor Problem with C10 newtonian reflector
Mount for Celestron 11 inch Cassegrain
Mounting a C90
Mounting an Orion Autoguider to a C11
Mt Magazine, Arkansas - Big weekend May 19th and 20th
Mud slide damaged Celestron
My 5th BBC and my first Deep Space
My error onJupiter
My first Celestron telescope!
My first DSO in 4 months - camera, fingers and toes cooled to -17*C
My observatory
Neaf 2004 this weekend!
NEAF 2005
NEAF report?
Need advice on new OTA...
Need advice on new OTA...
Need drive for old Celestron 14
Need some help
NEO is coming to Yahoo groups and it is BAD.
new apo refractor?
New Astronomy forum/Classifieds website
New c4r
New camera
New Celestron Product?
New Comet Catcher Group on Yahoo
New file uploaded to Celestron-Uncensored
New guy with a Celestron C-90 and questions
new home for my old C8
New info?
New member
New member & a 1st Light night! The last update
New member, new (old) telescope, many questions, a bit of a newb...
New Member / Reflector Question
New Member Says Hello
New model on C web site any guess what it will be?
New Review Site for Astronomy Products -
New scope choices
new SCT ... have eyepiece questions
New Solar scope
New Star!!
Saving for a New Telescope: Should it be an 8" Edge HD or an 9.25" Standard OTA
New to Celestar 8
New to group
New to group (and Celestron, and telescopes!)
Newbie with a question about EdgeHD
newcomer to telescopes
nexguide autoguider
NexStar 102 GT as second scope?
NexStar 114 - am I expecting too much?
nexstar 8 lap top?
Nexstar 8 or Nexstar 114GT for eclipse viewing?
Back to Astronomy from a lonnnnnng break - looking at Celstron Nexstar 8i SE
Nexstar SE-8 - different mounts?
Nexstar SE 8 H/C delay
NexStar8 and PDA
Nextar 8i Question
NGC 7331 Group (Deer Lick Group) Image
NGC2903 from Austin, TX
Nightscape CCD Group
Nikon Camera and Celestron Scope focus problem.
Now for the Eyepieces!!
Odd GOTO behavior
Off it goes again..
Okay.. C8 questions..
Okay.. more Celestron questions:
old C-8 vs NexStar 8 GPS w/ Starbright XLT
Old C8 on CG-5 GOTO
Old C8 motors
Old C8 on CG-5 GOTO
Old man w/ bad back needs a finderscope recommendation!
Older Orange Tube C8 rear cell threads
older starhopper dob
Omni CG4 mount power
Open letter to other members
Optics Refurbish
Orange Tube C8 Owners
Orange Tube C8 Performance
Orange tube Celestron 8
Orion Nebula
OT - eyepiece stuff ;)
OT - Keck Observatory
PALM and Planetarium with Celestron CG5 Mount
Pet Peeve, Star Designations
polar alignement
Polar alignment
Polar Alignment Routine In C8-SGT 4.12HC 5.07MC
Polar Finderscope Question
Pole Finder for CG-5
Power Supplys ? Dew Heaters
Power Tank 17 and AC/DC Adaptor
powerstar 3
PowerStar 3, a marvelous challenge
Prairie Creek Observatory
Problem with CGEM DX1100 Motor or Hand Controller (Suggestions Needed)
Problem With Imaging Setup on a Celestron CGEM DX 1100 11" SCT
Production location
Pushing the EDGE11
Putting Barlow between my prime focus and Canon camera
Question about a Celstar 8 Deluxe Wedge
Question about a driver for a C-8
Question about Adapter for CG5
Question about Barlow lenses
Question about electronic of Ultima 8 PEC
Question for the Omni XLT 120mm EQ Refractor.
Question regarding Meades LPI imager
Questions about Nexstar 8i
RA Circles
RA slow motion
rail "safety stops" for SCT?
? Regarding Firstscope 114eq and X-cel eyepiece
Relative Newbie
removing C8 mirror
M-008 Reprocessed
reprocessed three shots of Saturn
Reviews and/or recommendations...
Revisit M13
Rings for Edge HD8?
Rip Off was A disappointed fan
Robert Paterson
Rotating Visual Back?????
RV: Defective CGE Pro Mount
Sarah Palin looking through telescopes.
Saturn 062013
Saturn 062013
Saving for a New Telescope: Should it be an 8" Edge HD or an 9.25" Standard OTA
scope as airline carry-on?
Scope City - Outlet Store
Scope storage in observatory-suggestions?
SCT 9 1/4 with Baader Planetarium 2" Crayford and focal reducer Celestron f/6.3
SCT f/2 Imaging
SE8 mount fork and base coupled to Meade standard field tripod?
Secondary baffle repair to C-90 (rubber armored)
seeking advice on astro binoculars
seeking advice on (inexpensive) 40 mm 1.25" eyepiece
seeking advice on red flashlights ...
seeking advice on star diagonals
seeking finderscope advice?
seeking help with "fine focus"
Shake down and Running
Shorted my 8" NexStar GPS. What to do
Shutter speed:
sight with pics of inside ASGT Mount
Sky Align on ASGT mount
SkyAlign on ASGT Mount
SLT mount gone wild
Software question
[solar-observers] Chance Capture
Solar Projection
Some help please.
Some recent results with my trusty Celestar-8
Sony camera better than DSLR Nikon?
Spinning CGEM mount
Spinning mount issue
spots on internal optical surfaces?
Springs on SCT Secondary == followup
Springs on the SCT Secondary Revisited
star test images
older starhopper dob
Staring down the barrel of Canon’s support Update
StarSense dovetail problem
Still trying to see something
Active Region 2683 - Sun Spot
Sun 0606
Sun 072615
Sun flare 073015
Sun shot 07-03
[CelestronCGEM] Sun Spot AR2526
Sunset's are back
SV70's jupiter
tape on the lens of scope???
Sarah Palin looking through telescopes.
telrad finder base removal
temp observatory & 12 volt power supply ideas
Testing new focuser on the ED80 W/Lunt Wedge
Testing the Basler ACE mono camera
Testing the HyperStar
Texas Star Party
Thanks, Chris
The ( file archives (OT)
The dec drive is a near twin of the RA's
The entire sky was bright red
The last Sunset
The NexStar User's Guide is now in bookstores
The OMNI arrived
The Quality of the C8-SGT (Stelios)
The Quality of the C8-SGT (Stelios)
The rising and setting Sun
This is my travel set up
This is the RA's base and encoder
Time for a decision - HELP!
to flock or not to flock ... ?
Today's sun
Todays Jupiter
Toot-Toot! (the sound of my own horn blowing...)
Tracking ISS with CG-5 and Nexstar
Trying to get back on the saddle again
TVue 12 or 14 mm Radian for SCT 9.25?
Two inch back and diagonal on an 800 Edge HD
Two inch diagonal on an 800 Edge HD
Two out of three ain't bad
UHC filters ... Lumicon or Astronomik?
UHC vs. OIII for 9.25 SCT ... Lumicon "weighs in"
UHC vs. OIII nebula filter?
Ultima 2000
Ultima 8 PEC....Stars do not "snap" to focus
Ultima question
Universe To Scale
university optics pretoria eyepiece
up north under dark skies
USB to computer
Venus this morning 16.01.2010
visual back threads
Waiting for stars
*Wanted* - Celestron 8" schmitt-cassegrain OTA
*Wanted* - Focus motor for 8" Celestron SC OTA
Western Veil
what's the status of the 20" scope?
What Price For Orange Tube C8?
What to buy ? New Nexstar 8i or used Ultima C11
What to see?
Which Telescope to purchase
Who needs Cassini...
Wild RA runaway at startup
Wipping up on a cgem
working on imaging issues
XLT coatings ... how much benefit?
Yahoo groups going away?
Yahoo groups virus warning
Yesterdays Run
Yesterdays Run