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1 1/4 vs 2" diagonal
1 1/4 vs 2 diagonal
Hi I am new and trying to move nexstar 114gt guts onto a meade 2080 gem
2 problems with ASCOM version
2 telescope & 2 web-cams
5.0.12 PECPrep problems
5.1.3 won't play nice with DMK
50mm Orion guide scope wth Orion Atlas mount
a bug(?) with "aperture size" field in the setup
A couple recent MetaGuide images
a note about message moderation
A tale of two 80mm refractors
Ability to log "True FWHM" data?
About Differential Flexture
About the QHY5L-II...
About udp broadcast message format
Addendum to cable question...IMPORTANT
Adding many new entries at once - Thanks Again
Adding many new entries at once - Thanks Again
Adding many new entries at once - Thanks Again
Adjusting camera resolution?
Aligning the "X-axis of a guide camera" with the RA-axis of the telescope
Alignment Failed
All ok so far with latest release
AllTimer video timing and occultation stuff
Alt-az guiding?
"could not install guide filter" error
"There doesn't appear..." StarryNightPro w/ Nexstar 4GT - Fixed
"There doesn't appear..." StarryNightPro w/ Nexstar 4GT - Fixed
Andre's Horizon-Tool
Another attempt on collimation ...with Arcturus
Another beta soon
Another newbie!
Another newbie question
Another question for Metaguide
Another remote solution?
Another Serial Number Question
Another strange story about Stars and Wars
Another try: 5.2.18
any chance on a Mac OS X version?
Any DMK users??
Anyone UsePrevCal successfully?
Anyone using MG along with the Telescope Drive Master?
Are you going to offer a bundled software price?
å..å¤.ï¼. QHY 5L-II ordered
ASCOM 6 connection problem
ASCOM, MetaGuide, and Alt-Az mounts
ASCOM usage
ASI 120mm with OAG
ASI camera and latest beta
ASI freeze on image download
ASI120MC-"no video device detected ..."
ASI120mc, metaguide stops guiding and starts pushing
ASI120MC ST4 guiding
ASI120MM "FrameRate" is only 2?
ASI120MM-S USB 3.0 with Metaguide
AW: ASI1600 not supported?
Asi290mm grey image at bottom
AST Guiding, ST4 or Pulse
New file uploaded to AstroGeeks
AstroGeeks changes
Astromaster 130EQ
astroview EQ mount correction speed
Asunto: MetaGuide, ASI 174MM and ONAG...
AT8RC collimation using metaguide
Orion Starshoot Autoguider Pro?
autoguide with AZ mount
Avast and MG5.2.6
AW: ASI1600 not supported?
AW: AW: Astrogeeks
AW: AW: Astrogeeks
AW: AW: AW: AW: Pocket PC
AW: AW: AW: Controlling Old NexStar 60GT
AW: AW: AW: Pocket PC
AW: AW: AW: Controlling Old NexStar 60GT
AW: AW: AW: Pocket PC
AW: AW: SCT cooling study
AW: AW: Unable to communicate with telescope
AW: AW: AW: Controlling Old NexStar 60GT
AW: Game Pad ceased to work (not sleep mode)
AW: Game Pad ceased to work (not sleep mode)
AW: Great Tours!
AW: GT silly Alt move - Nachtrag
AW: GT silly Alt move - Nachtrag
AW: New mg 5.2.10 in the files/metaguide folder
AW: NexHub v1.1.0 Is Now Available!!
AW: Nice astro book with MG guided images
AW: AW: AW: Pocket PC
AW: RS232 Wireless Connection
AW: AW: SCT cooling study
AW: AW: Unable to communicate with telescope
AW: USB Extender
away for a few days
awesome software
BackyardNikon (BYN) and MG.
Basler ace- WDM driver issue
Best C11 Expected Collimation Results
Best Guider for Metaguide?
Beta 5.2.15 now on the main MG web site
Better Guiding?
BUGS! Not Working
Bump in star profile
By the way Ray!!!
C14 Collimation with MetaGuide
Cable Confusion??? Programming vs. HCA or NexRemote
Cable Length
Cal Factor off by factor ~2x?
Cal Factor off by factor ~2x?
Calculating proper settings for m42 Camera lens guide scope
Calibrated f/# lower then original
Celestron OAG vignetting, was: Calibrating an Edge HD11: star flies off screen
MetaGuide Calibration problem
Calibration at high latitude
Calibration issue with latest MG version.
Calibration parameter access in Metaguide
calibration using OAG on a SCT
Calling all ASI 1600 owners. Please provide some info
Camera Compatability
Camera For MetaGuide
Camera options for the new version of MetaGuide
Can'r Open .AVI file
Can't Change Frame Rate with Point Grey Chameleon and MG 4.4.1
Can't communicate with CGE
Can't connect nexremote
Can't connect to scope via ASCOM
Can't download Metaguide
Can't Install COM2TCP
Can't Load PlateSolve Plugin
Can't stabilise the coma dot af f#30
Can CGE Pro Mount Handle 14" EdgeHD OTA and work well with Metaguide
Can I use a video driver on my QHY5 camera as input into MetaGuider?
Can I use the Orion camera?
Can MetaGuide support the guide pulse via On-Camera Guide Port?
Canon 1100D and collimation
Canon play-through Firewire to MetaGuide? Yes!
Canon play-through Firewire to MetaGuide? Yes!
CCD Point Gray Chameleon
CCTV Camera
celestar-8 sct/nextimage-5 and 9x50 guidescope
Does AstroGeeks still do updates on Celestron Nexstar?
Celestron C11 back-focus for image train choices
Celestron Nexstar 8 Support
Celestron OAG vignetting, was: Calibrating an Edge HD11: star flies off screen
Center can't be stopped
CG 5 Software Communication Problems
CGE PRO ASCOM connection
CGE testing request for 1.4.0
CGEM 8/3 error and metaguiding
CGEM does not respond to guide commands
Chameleon and 4.5.2
Cheap guiders
Click on star to lock?
cold temp & gamepad
Collimating EdgeHD: perfect airy disc but on axis star not round?
Collimating off axis to reduce corner elongation?
Collimation first attempt.
Collimation -- First time user - Redux
Collimation on Edge11 / QHY5-IIL
Collimation, PSF and Image Restoration
Collimation results with MetaGuide - MEADE LX90/8 - LPI
collimation take 2
Collimation tests. What do you think?
Collimation using Metaguied
Collimation with bino viewer....
Collimation without Metaguide Guiding?
Com2TCP & SkyX
COM2TCP and SkiFi
com2tcp for mac?
COM2TCP help please
COM2TCP is now available for download
Com2Tcp isn't working on Windows 10.
Com2Tcp licencing issue
COM2TCP with ServoCat Gen 3
Comet 103p with MetaGuide shift guiding
Comet guiding reminder for ISON - MG tracks comets with OAG and guidescope
Comm program to access wifi access point
Components for connecting to the Atlas EQ-G mount
Cone Error Question
Cone Error Utility
Congratulations to the two of you!!!
Connecting A SkyFi USB wireless Ada[ter to my laptop thrugh my home network through my router.
Connecting computers......advice....Lenny and Mike
Connecting computers......advice....Lenny and Mike
Connecting Metaguide
Connecting MetaGuide to Orion planetary 3pm cam
Connecting PC164 camera
Connecting TheSky6 to iOptron iEQ45 via StarSeek
connecting to AP-1200 mount
AW: AW: AW: Controlling Old NexStar 60GT
coosing the right steppers
Cord Wrap
Corrected URL for screencapture
CPC1100 Connection to MetaGuide?
Cpu Load and some other stuff
CPU speed
Date your dream gothic single and love in the world!
dec drift for polar alignment seems ok
Definition of exposure time?
Difficulty getting Metaguide 5.0.12 to work with Firewire Flea3 on Windows 7
Digest Number 1487
dispersion, collimation, and planetary imaging
Distributed computing (more or less)
Dither script for use with MaximDL
Dithering with MG --> Nebulosity?
Do double guiding stars affect guiding accuracy?
Does COM2TCP support Windows 7/Vista?
Does Flea3 work with MG?
Does this look collimated well ?
Does work Metaguide and PEC ???
DOS version of TCP2COM?
downloading metaguide
Polar drift alignment using Android App
Driver Issues, Metaguide and QHY5L-II
Drivers - How do I know?
DSI camera support?
DSLR live view and DV videocameras with MG
DSLR Support
Dumb Newby Questions
Edge HD11 cge pro mount and collimation
Effective Pixel Size for Large Format Web Cams
Empty screen using ASI224MC
Emulating Celestron Motors and New to Group
EQASCOM v1.18a and MetaGuide
Error Message after initial Install
Error on opening MetaGuide
error say BAD CRC
Experiences with MG compared with classical autoguiding
EZ frame rate
Failed to calibrate with URSA MINOR autoguider
Fantastic Software
Farpoint Astro Products OpticStar PL-131M
Feeature question
Feedback welcome on ascom and beta 5.1.9
Finally, C8 HD OAG works!!
finally got a compatible grabber
Finally got it
Finally - MetaGuide version 5.0.4 available for testing. Many features, fixes
first attempt at collimation
First Light Report - MetaGuide(MG)
First Light With Metaguide
first MG guiding adventure
First serious Question!
First time collimating with MetaGuide!
Collimation -- First time user - Redux
First try at telescope - Center looks busted
First use of MG
first use woes
Fix for 1-time "No Response" problem with AS-GT mounts

Flea3 support under W7 64bit
flex/flop in metaguide
Flex rx ???
MetaGuide and Comets, Horizon-Tool, FlexRX
FlexRX 1.0.4 Bug
FlexRX problem with Planesovle2
FlexRX v0.0.11
FlexRX v0.0.16
FlexRX v0.0.18: Temporary change to allow RA shift rate sign flip, charting
FlexRX v0.0.20, Horizon-Tool v1.0.3
FlexRX v0.0.6 (new images)
FlexRX v0.0.6 (new images)
FlexRX v0.0.7, comet support
FlexRX v1.0.4: More sign issues and MetaGuide interactions
FlexRX version 0.0.8
Flexure Field Description
Flexure/Mirror Flop
OAG autoguiding focal length
Follow up
?? for Andre or Ray
For collimation, why is my "red dot" blue?
Forget the mac...
Frame rate etc
ASI120MM "FrameRate" is only 2?
FrameRate box display
FrameRate, NFrames and Exposure
Full Installer for MG 5.0.24
FW: GPUSB error
FW: Guider/Finder using 9x50 and Image 5
Fw: io sys error
Game Pad ceased to work (not sleep mode)
Game Pad ceased to work (not sleep mode)
cold temp & gamepad
Garradd c2009/p1 acquired using MG Shift-Guiding
generic hub, and POTH will not load
Glitch in two-star align slew rate?
Got it connected...
GPS error (should be GPUSB error)
GPS error (should be GPUSB error)
Gps Module
GPS Support
GPS with 114GT and other non-GPS scopes
GPUSB adapter
FW: GPUSB error
Grasshopper USB3 mono camera
great software!
Great Program How do i get a nice female voice?
great software!
AW: Great Tours!
gt 114
GT silly Alt move - Nachtrag
GT silly Alt move - Nachtrag
gt1010.dat - What do we do with this file?
guide command duration
Guide Scope size
Guide settings for OAG
FW: Guider/Finder using 9x50 and Image 5
Guidescope Flexure Compensation
Collimation without Metaguide Guiding?
Guiding chip size
Guiding in altazimuth mode
guiding on a "double" star
QHY 5B can guiding with Metaguide
Guiding with the imaging camera...
Guiede scope
Hand controller Version
Hand paddle
Hardware specifics
Have I missed something?
Having Trouble With NexHub
HC or HCicon to align scope?
hc version 3.04
HCA Problems
hcAnywhe NexStar GT series support and gamepad enhancements
Heads up for upcoming MG beta, supporting all video camera sizes
Hello and Congratulations on the launch!
Hello everyone, new member. Question about using Metaguide as a Seeing monitor. What scope and camera would be best?
Help needed on guiding
Help requested using MG to focus on Uranus
Help with Metaguide
Help with MetaGuide installation
Help with Polar Alignment
Hi I am new and trying to move nexstar 114gt guts onto a meade 2080 gem
Hi to group an question on AP mount
HitecAstro USB Guider
Horizon-Tool question...
Horizon Tool v1.0.1, FlexRX v0.0.13
Horizon Tool v1.0.2
Hot pixel removal
Hotspots and stars of similar brightness
How a modern apprenticeship works
How do you use your wireless joystick with the N-11?
How faint of a guide star?
how long does it take to calibrate?
How many times has this been asked?
How Much Computer is Enough?
How to connect Meade TX-125 with Metaguide
How to get MG working with Flea3
How to realign?
How to set optimum guide period ?
I'm back to ask again.
I'm doing something dumb, but i don't know what
I Love Frank....
Image frozen
Imager or Guider
info metaguide
infos metaguide
inputting guide star declination
Install problem
Installation errors
Installation MG 5.1.3 failed
Installation problem
installing NextHub crashed my computer! wassup?
Inter process communications
Interesting Resolution vs Temp Data off C11
Metaguide & Mintron camera issue
is it advisable to short 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 pins in pc-tele connector?
Is possible to use Red filter to get the better collimation?
Joining Two Programming Cables
Jumping Star
Jupiter and moon guiding trick
Kind of OT, but need some quick help!
Laptop with no LPT port
Larger image for collimation adjustment?
latest collimation attempt
Latest MG experiences, video distortions, calibration error, high CPU util.
Latest MG version not working with my DMK21
Latest QHY5L-II driver and EZPlanetary
Lodestars with sx-ascom?
Lodestars with sx-ascom?
Log file Fields dedec and ewdec
Log File Headers
Log files
Logitech Pro 4000
Looking for information on Automating my scope!
Looks like beta has problem with oleaut32.dll
Losmandy Digital Drive
Lost in using COM2TCP with SkyFi and argo/servocat
Lost the Video Screen with MG 5.2.0
Lx200 protocol or Ascom with Metaguide ?
M 5.1.3 w2K8r2 asi120 & ascom hangs
M and NGC keys on Wingman?
m16 and ngc 6946 images at MetaGuide site
M82 with MetaGuide and FlexRX
Mallimcam Junior
manual hand controllers
Mars report
McAfee detects a virus
Mead DSI
Meade DSI Pro 1 monochrome
Meade LPI AutoStar Suite
Menu items
Message to center the star for calibration
Meta Guide unable to start
Metagudie Full Log Field Descriptions
MetaGuide 3.2.3 Beta available
MetaGuide 324 Full install package now available
MetaGuide 324 Patch added to MetaGuide folder
MetaGuide 4.0.2 with improved ascom in Files section
MetaGuide 4.0.6 install package. Many features and fixes
MetaGuide 5.0.15 exe only with ascom debug info and possible flex fix.
Metaguide 5.2.9 problems?
Metaguide & DMK 21AU04.AS
Metaguide & Mintron camera issue
Metaguide and 3COM Home connect camera
MetaGuide and 720x480??
Metaguide and Buetooth
Metaguide and CGE Pro Mount
MetaGuide and Comets, Horizon-Tool, FlexRX
Metaguide and Dec Backlash
Metaguide and Firewire Flea3
MetaGuide and FlexRX guided Crescent
Metaguide and malware
Metaguide and Maxpoint
MetaGuide and On-axis Guider question...
Metaguide and QHY5-II Don't Seem to Work
Metaguide and some Graphs
Metaguide and Win8
metaguide+artifical star for collimation?
metaguide as seeing monitor
Asunto: MetaGuide, ASI 174MM and ONAG...
MetaGuide Calibration fails - Distance > 120
MetaGuide Calibration problem
Metaguide Closes Suddenly inside Windows Remote Desktop
metaguide collimation as stand alone
More MetaGuide Collimation Questions...
Metaguide collimation sucess with EdgeHD
Metaguide Crashes
MetaGuide crashes on ASCOM Chooser
Metaguide decompression issue
Metaguide Dither Suggestion, thanks!
Metaguide Dithering Generator
Metaguide dithering not working?
MetaGuide DMK41
Metaguide does not detect camera
Metaguide dump and sliders question
MetaGuide enhancement request
Metaguide Equipment??
Metaguide Error - "Could not install GuideFilter" - gdiplus.dll?
MetaGuide -- First time posting on forum
MetaGuide for Autoguiding
Metaguide for collimation questions
MetaGuide Frame Rate Question - Neximage 5
Metaguide framerate
MetaGuide (free) now available on AstroGeeks
Metaguide Guiding in Presence of Reflection Star
Metaguide has a problem?
metaguide help
MetaGuide Holmes, including animation
Metaguide installation problem in Windows Vista
Metaguide log analzer?
MetaGuide new 5.0.18 version with upside down option - lodestar support
MetaGuide new 5.0.18 version with upside down option - lodestar support
MetaGuide new user
Metaguide NexImage Driver/Video Properties Issue
MetaGuide Not Detecting ASI120MM-S
Metaguide now runs with ASI 178MC camera
Metaguide on a netbook
MetaGuide on an Acer Aspire?
Metaguide on win 8.1
Metaguide only allows DMK21AU04.AS 7.5fps
Metaguide problem(dont work).
MetaGuide Problems
Metaguide Pulse-Guiding with EQMOD
MetaGuide Setup - ASCOM guiding
Metaguide starts and then disappears
MetaGuide testing results/images
MetaGuide through the QHY5L-II
Metaguide tracking
MetaGuide Upside down image and Menu in camera
MetaGuide Version 4.1.2 finally released
Metaguide w Hyperstar
Metaguide will not load. Error on start.
Metaguide will not work with video grabber and video camera.
Metaguide window size
[SPAM] MetaGuide with EQMOD
Metaguide with QHY5L-IIM
Metaguide with ST-4 or Pulse+PEC?
MetaGuide with the ASI 130MM
MetaGuide with windows 2000
Metaguide won't lock on bright point
Metaguide won't start
metaguided 30-minute sub
MetaGuided M101
MetaGuiding ASCOM vs. GPUSB on a Celestron GEM
MG 3.2.4 fails at run time - ok now
MG 3.2.4 fails at run time - ok now
MG 327 with ASCOM support in Files/Metaguide
MG 4.0.12 placed in MetaGuide files for download
MG 4 6 11 test version, zip file, placed in MetaGuide folder in files section
MG 403 with ascom calibration fix and disabled lpt for Vista 64
MG 5.0.19 hitech fix, possible qhy video fix, calibration debugging
MG 5.0.20 with fixes for more cameras and QHY
MG 5.0.22 placed in Files with fixes for flexrx
MG 5.0.8 now in files section - with fixes plus the requested "BIGVIEW" mode
MG 5.0 Full install now available, including new documentation
mg 5.1.1 test version to improve qhy and possibly meade
MG 5.1.11 with automatic merid flip and better video handling
MG 5.1.9 Beta
MG 5.1.9 beta with CalFactor fix and better ASCOM handling
MG 5.1 with QHY5L-II/ST4 port
MG 5.10 won't install on windows 8?
MG 5.2.0 and Point Grey Chameleon 2.7
MG 5.2.11 with fixes for cameras including asi 1600
MG 5.2.6, ASI120MM bin2 help
MG 526 with Windows 10
MG and C11/HD11
MG and EQMOD, C11 collimation
MG and SGP
MG Beta 5.1.7 with ASI ST4 fix
MG Beta 5.2.9 released
MG collimation basics
MG don´t work with my SPC 900 webcam
MG guide rates
MG Guiding a Paramount ME II
MG_log file is inverted
MG lost connection to EZplanetary (QHY5LII mono)??
MG off Screen
MG PE log file?
MG support in APT
MG unexpected shut down
MG using an IMG132e planetary camera
MG version information
MG with Canon Live Video - and locked moon craters
MG worflow with SGP autofocus
mg421e with a PC164cex-2 placed in files/MetaGuide folder
MG431 beta placed in Files/MetaGuide folder
mg5.1.10 uploaded - should fix ascom calibration freeze
MGDitherVB.vbs & MGDither.exe execution error
More MetaGuide Collimation Questions...
More tests
Multicomport card suggestions?
My C14 EdgeHD collimation with Metaguide
my celestron engineering plug... and more
My own issues with QHY5iii174
My stack has blown
N8 Control Yet?
Need help installing MG
Need to extend cable
Never saw that coming
New Anyone using MEtaguide with a Vixen starbook Controller
New attempt at collimation on a real star this time
New beta 5.2.16 please try
New beta 5.2.17
New Beta Version does log "True FWHM" data
New build MG4.1.3 with longer drift tracking time and gamma fix
New Camera Touptek
New CGE Hand Controller
New dithering and remote control tools available
new feature - thicker graph lines
New file uploaded to AstroGeeks
New image with new equipment - pelican eye atik 383 with 9-filter wheel
New light curve tool, MetaCurve available to try
Hello everyone, new member. Question about using Metaguide as a Seeing monitor. What scope and camera would be best?
New member and a question
New Member Here
New Member - installation and running problems.
New member intro and a question
New MetaGuide Beta 5.1.6: clouds and dither diameter
New MetaGuide Beta images posted
New MetaGuide images with C11 on CGE, ASCOM, 0.46"/pixel
New MetaGuide version, 4.0.8, released on public astrogeeks site
New Metaguide version - works with most web-cams
New MG 5.1.0 placed on web site with new install and docs
New mg 5.2.10 in the files/metaguide folder
New MG Beta Version with ASI st4 support
new MG, can't get the red dot to move up
New motor control upgrade application
New NSOL Pre-built List
New release and docs with full install package: MetaGuide 4.5.2
New Test has problem with FlexRX
New to Forum - Metaguide Question
New to Guiding
New to MetaGuide - Any tutorials?
New to MetaGuide - Any tutorials?
New Tool - UDPLogger by Andrew Johansen, Melbourne
MetaGuide new user
New User - Which Web Cams - Problem Solved
New version ASCOM ( V5 ) with MetaGuide V 3.2.7
New version finally released - 4.6.10 - bugfixes and new guider support
New version on the website - 5.2.6 with bugfixes
New version with full installer - 4.6.2 with fixes and "Guide View"
new video grabber doesn't work with MG
New vista-friendly MetaGuide install - we hope
Newbie question on use of external GPS
Newbie questions
Newbie to the group
Newbie trying to autoguide with Metaguide
Newby Question
NexGPS- not connecting
NexGPS- not connecting (Uh Duh!)
NexHub and NexRemote
NexHub connection procedure
AW: NexHub v1.1.0 Is Now Available!!
NexImage 5 optimal settings?
NexImage and Metaguide?
NexHub and NexRemote
NexRemote 1.6.0 + McAfee
NexRemote 1.6.0 now available
NexRemote license availability outside the US
NexRemote over Bluetooth wireless problem
NexRemote Serial Number
nexstar 5/8
NexStar Observer List 2.5.1 is now available!
Nexstar remote wireless controller? Also new to group
Nexstar8 Help
NFrame and FrameRate
NI5 verus the asi120mm
AW: Nice astro book with MG guided images
SLT Mount - No Response 16 message.
No Response 16/Success!
No Response 17 (was: ???????)
No response error 16 and 17
No video when PC operated remotely
noise in beta version: results
noise in beta version: results
Novice user of MetaGuide
Now remote control, was Pocket PC
Now Under computer control....
Numbered Asteroids with Horizon-Tool
OAG and MG
Object acquired-then drifts off
Odd Problem "or not"
Odd Problem with Lumenera
Off topic a little, but how to set focuser question
Ok Andre and Jeff a little more help please!!!
OK - now added MG 4.4.1 beta to Files/MetaGuide
oleaut32.dll with win2k
One coment about Dell Laptops and SNP
One problem with QHY5
Orion AutoGuider
Orion Starshoot Autoguider Pro?
OT: CFZ location relativ e to Celestron .In/Out. knob.
OT: CFZ location relative to Celestron â..In/Outâ.. knob.
OT: CFZ location relative to Celestron .In/Out. knob.
OT: CFZ location relative to Celestron “In/Out” knob.
OT: Looking for Steve Orlando
OT New Celestron GT HC with Tasco Starguide 4 - Disregard
OT New Celestron GT HC with Tasco Starguide 4 - Disregard
(OT) Yahoo site format question
parking the scope while guiding ?
Pause Guiding due to cloud
paypal back up
mg421e with a PC164cex-2
PC164CEX-2 with GrabBeeX+ USB Video Capture
PEC question
PEC request
PEC TimeStamp errors caused by MetaGuide PE logs
Perpendicularity of video cam
PG grasshopper...worth it?
philip webcam
Philips SPC900
Pickering's triangle with c11 on cge and oag
Pinch Optics?
MetaGuide Setup - how to find Pixel Size
PlateSolve2 Maxim Plugin V0.0.5
Plot explination
Now remote control, was Pocket PC
Point Grey Chameleon working with MG 4.4.1
Polar alignment using the Guide scope vs OAG
Polar align , calibration, gotonova,
Polar alignment using the Guide scope vs OAG
Possible to use the guideport on QHY5L-II ?
Possibly a really dumb one!
POTH connection bug
Power Pole Connectors
Premature end to calibration
Prepping for QHY
Presentation and info
Problem during installation and Virtual port
Problem during installation and Virtual port
problem linking CGE with The Sky V5
Problem with dry runs
Problem with initialization
Problem with MetaGuide installation on Windows 2000 machine
Problems installing MetaGuide
Problems Running on Win7 64
Problems with starting beta
Program cable ?
proper cable hook-up for AS-GT mount
Pulse Guide
PWI PlateSolve2 Maxim/DL Plugin
Pyxis OAG5 connection to SCT writeup
Q-guider (none webcam) support
QHY 5B can guiding with Metaguide
QHY5LII-M - camera settings
QHY5 and MetaGuide
QHY5 and mount question
QHY5 guider cam.
QHY5 II WDM is available, but MG has problem in resolution of 1280*1024
QHY5 support
QHY5 WM Driver Finally Available
QHY5iiL problems?
QHY5L-II & MetaGuide
QHY5L-II Auto Exposure
QHY5L-II/DEep Sky Instrument focuser issue
QHY5L II Driver basics
QHY5L-II frame rate question and request
QHY5L-ii frame rate using 5.2.15 discrepancy between EZplanetary and Metaguide
QHY5L-II not seen
QHY5L-II ordered
QHY5L-II with Native WDM driver
QHY5LII-M - camera settings
QHYII support with Metaguide
Question about connections
Question about DMK camera and bit depth
Question on current version
Question on guiding with 3.2.7 beta
Question on guiding with MetaGuide 4.0.6 install package
Question on logging PE
Question on odd image-rotation behavior
question on RA rate for shift guiding - cos(DEC) or not?
Question/suggestion for Metaguide
questions about st4 and slow setup windows
Questions about metaguide
questions about st4 and slow setup windows
Some new questions and suggestions need your help
Questions Calibration & QHY5L-II
Quick questions about Calibration
Ray Gralak's thoughts
RE USB to RS232 converters -- Wolfgang
Reading/Setting Autoguide Rates
Recent attempt at Collimation
recommended video grabber?
Red Dot/Flare Behavior: In and Out of Focus
Red dot not moving
Remote Control of an AS mount
Request for continuous raw data save
Request to Add NFrame Options >50
Requesting Longer Guide Intervals
Return to MetaGuide
RS232 to Hand Controller Cable
RS232 Wireless Connection
Running commentary of a collimation session
Runtime error with ZWO camera
Runtime error with ZWO camera
Sander log analysis plots in ForSander folder on this site
SAO Menu Problems with HcA
SBIG ST-i and Metaguide
SBIG ST-i with MG
Scope Sale: C11 Carbon Fiber, Meade Mak 7
Scope Setup
SCT cooling study
Sensitivity of QHY5L-II
Serial port to...??????
Serial to HC Cable
QHY5LII-M - camera settings
Settings for a very short FL Guidescope?
Settling after dithers with SGPro
Setup Metaguide when using photo lens as guide scope
Setup Procedure
SGP and meridian flip
Shift guiding question...
Shift rates.
SideofPier and NReverse
Σχετ: ZWO ASI 1 20MC - StarAdventurer - Metaguide
Significance of FHWM and Seeing measures in the absence of calibration
Sketch of MetaGuide beta features
Skyfi configuration
SKYnyx 2-2 support
Slew help with N8i!!
Slow response in MG5.20
SLT Mount - No Response 16 message.
Some issues with current version
Some new questions and suggestions need your help
Some NexRemote Issues / Help appreciated
some recent cameras
Some recent MG images with C11 on CGE
Some recent pics with asi-1600 and Canon 135
Somebody remind me....
Source for Logitech controller
[SPAM] MetaGuide with EQMOD
Spanish small guide for Metaguide
Star Catalogs for PlateSolve2 and FlexRX
star lost and guiding
Star Party at OMSI
starguide 60
Still in trouble
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Success with NexRemote w/o HC
Sudden CGE slewing when guiding
Suggested settings for 500ms exposure in EZPlanet
Suggested Video Camera?
Metaguide Dither Suggestion, thanks!
Suggestions for QHY5 II CCD Driver
sun tracker and 114gt
SuperCicuits PC-23C
TCP2COM using PC-Port cable
Latest Metagide beta crashes with PointGrey BlackFly GigE 1280x960
Metaguide Dither Suggestion, thanks!
THanks again Andre
thanks for the tips regarding C-14 collimation
THANKS-Problem solved, one remaining issue
Thats Better
The Cable arrived
Time/Date incorrect upon Startup
Time with CGEs
time zone on your computer
Totally Confused
Toupcam GCMOS01200KMA
tour bug
AW: Great Tours!
Train mount while PEC is running
trouble focusing/collimating my C11
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Trying the latest MG version 3.2.7
Tweaking Aggressiveness Settings During Guiding
typical qhy5IIL settings
Unable to communicate with telescope
uncontrolled slew problem
AW: USB Extender
USB Long Cable Repeater
USB-serial adapter and ASCOM USB in MetaGuide
Using a video camera lens for guiding
Using an artificial star with a CDK scope to collimate....question for Frank
Using an artificial star with a CDK scope to collimate....question for Frank
Using HCA and SNP with ASCOM drivers
Using Metaguide to adjust ADC
using metaguide to train pec
Using Metaguide with an AS-GT mount
Using MG and OAG
Using NexRemote and Logitech Wingman
Using NexRemote w/o HC
Using OAG setup in the SKy
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Using TCP2COM with Weather Station
V1.2.0 & W98SE
Version 2.2.5 of NexStar Observer List ready for download
Video feed blacking out
Video2USB: GOT IT!
Video2USB Converter
Video2USB: GOT IT!
view parity and full calibration
virtual port FAQ
virtual port FAQ
virus emails
Voices Help!!!!!
Wanting to try MetaGuide
Weird problem
Feedback welcome on ascom and beta 5.1.9
What a inventive program!
What am I seeing here?
What's a good camera choice for use with MetaGuide?
What can I say ...
What is Metaguide?
What is the latest version of MEtaguide?
When choosing ASCOM telescope, the program disappears immediately.
Which camera for collimation
Which Drivers for the QHY5L-II
Which QHY camera?
Which QHY5
Which version of Windows XP?
why the calculated calibration factor is always bad?
Will have new version to avoid possible dll conflict
Will Metaguide work with the Flea3?
Will Metaguide work with win 8.1?
Will the MetaGuide support ASCOM for autoguide in the future?
Win7 x64 Ascom Help
MG 526 with Windows 10
Windows 7 32 bit
Windows 8 and 1.#IO
wingman labels
wingman problem
Wireless remote
Wireless Telescope/Observatory
Would like help with starting MetaGuide parameters
Your picture (DO NOT OPEN!!!)
ZWO ASI 120MC - StarAdventurer - Metaguide
ZWO120MC and MG!