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Sep 24, 2007



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Question about the sharing feature. I'm on an ADSL service with

restricted limits per month. So my questions are about the sharing


How often does PP upload SBS-1 data to the central server?

How often does PP download aircraft data from the central server?

Is there anyway of setting PP up to share my SBS-1 data whilst at the

same time NOT downloading aircraft data? In that way I could share my

SBS-1 data at times when I'm not interested in viewing other's data.


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> Thanks for the reply. I thought I'd read somewhere that the upload

> of SBS-1 data happened more frequently than the download - or is that

> incorrect?

If in doubt, consult the help file ;-)

It speaketh thus:



Use this option to toggle sharing of your position message data with other

users. When enabled, all your current position data will be uploaded to a

server once per minute.






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christopher433314 wrote: > Thanks for the reply. I thought I'd read somewhere that the upload

> of SBS-1 data happened more frequently than the download - or is that

> incorrect?


> So, on the download, does it only download data for aircraft that

> would be on screen?

Dick has commented on the uploads.

For downloads, the program (if it is the same as Ship Plotter) downloads

for the current (maximised?) screen area plus a 50% margin on each side.

So if nothing would be on the (extended) screen, the download bandwidth

consumption would be minimal. The download figure I quoted earlier is for

a visible region of the northern UK from about 53.5 N to 57N. It would

likely be higher for southern England.




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Thanks Bev, I guess I should have checked the help file (now that

I've got help working in Vista)

So, I've zoomed right in close to cover an area of only a couple of

miles across, without any aircraft within 30 miles, but still it

downloads 70 aircraft. Is there some sort of minimum number of

aircraft that PP always downloads?

I'm trying to setup PP to always upload aircraft from my SBS1, but

not download any aircraft (for those times when I'm not at my PC).

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> Hi


> Upload and download occur at 60 seconds intervals. The number of

> flights downloaded depends on the area of the chart displayed. Use

> the PPuser.exe utility to see how many aricraft you download as you

> zoom in and out of the chart.


> Regards

> Bev



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I've now done my own testing (using PRTG and SNMP data from my router),

and with a download of approx. 210 aircraft each 60 seconds, this

consumes approx. 450mb per month.

On average my uploads/downloads are 5/70 (covering all of Scotland and

most of north England), so I'm probably only using 150MB per month,

which is not an excessive chunk out of my 8GB allowance.

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wrote: > If I have worked it out correctly, 700B/s is about 1.8GB per month,

and 120B/s is about 0.3GB per month.