Field Day Contest Log 4.1 Now Available!

Jul 19, 2013



#18230 Jul 19, 2013

Hi All,  Field Day Contest Log 4.1 is Now Available! Field Day Contest Log Version 4.1 is the first upgrade to the new, rewritten C# version of my Field Day software that was used widely during the 2013 Field Day contest.  Version 4.1 adds a TCP Networking option (explained in detail below), the ability to easily change operator identification and access the network display from top level menu options.  As always, upgrades are free to registered users.  You'll find version 4.1 here: If you are upgrading from version 4.0, please first uninstall 4.0 from Windows Control Panel > Programs and Features or Add / Remove Programs (depending on OS).  It isn't necessary to uninstall any prior versions.  User Feedback on Field Day Contest Log 4.0 Following the 2013 Contest.  Since Field Day Contest Log 4.0 is a complete rewrite with brand new code, some folks understandably stayed with the tried and true, VB6 versions this year.  Folks that stayed with the older VB6 versions have been requesting feedback following the contest to help in their decision on which version to use next year, so this seems like the right time to share the results.  I'm happy to report that overall, the results were really good!  There were a few problem reports related to network connectivity summarized farther down in this e-mail, but first the good news, which represents the feedback most groups sent along.  This is a very small sampling of excerpts from the many kind words I received regarding Field Day Contest log 4.0, from those who used it to network multiple PCs: Scott,As a long time user of your software, bravo on the FD Contest Log 4.0. It worked flawlessly for our 5A setup (we had one laptop play server all day, so there were actually 6 laptops connected via Ethernet to LAN only through a managed switch all while on emergency power for the whole event). No problems encountered. No hiccups. The network communication/chat window worked great.Thanks for keeping the great software updated!Gary W, N2WLS------ Hi Scott, This year went great. Your field day program worked flawlessly and the station captains commented how well it worked. We had six computers networked together this year and thank you for making it so easy to set up a network. We went hard wire and not wireless as in the past the wireless net would fail at the wrong time. Thanks again for all your hard work. 73, Ray KJ6NO---- Hi Scott,We just completed Field Day at WC8VOA with the new version of your FD logging software. We were networked with 3 PCs and one PC acting as the file server. Everything went well; we had no major problems.---- Great Job Scott, Ran three computers, two networked and one was vista (need I say more) no problems logged a little over 650 contacts with no major problems. We did delete two contacts with no loss of data and edited a couple too.  Thanks for the product and keep up the great work!!! 72, Jeff K8KZB--- As the IT Captain for K8BF this year, I'd like to report that the new version of the software worked very well for us. We had one small hitch with some automatic backups not running, but you worked that out for us very quickly. Our setup included one PC for each station, plus one to act as a server to host the database and another with the keyboard and mouse disconnected and the software open so that casual observers could see the scores, all networked over wireless. No problems and no excitement all weekend, just the way IT likes it. 73,KD8WZS--- Our group used your latest version for Field Day. We had six computers, wireless. One utilizing radio frequency control and two using software keying, one with a MicroKeyer, the other a homebrew interface.All functioned brilliantly.Thank you for the great software!Lance WN0L----  The Problem Reports.  Following Field Day 2013, I received lots of great reports from the vast majority of groups who networked with File Share using my new C# rewrite (Field Day Contest Log 4.0), but I did receive a few reports from a very small percentage of folks (only 7 groups, but that is 7 too many), who had intermittent problems with the program occasionally or frequently reporting 'unable to execute the SQL command'. It appears that these problems were related to intermittent network connectivity, power surges (one group specifically reported all was fine until they experienced a power surge) and / or RF interference. Here is a sampling of these types of reports: Scott, I think that the wireless issues are network related (possibly the wireless systems being overloaded by all the RF flying around). Our Field Day effort used a combination of wired and wireless computers and after one problem with the wired network (loose power connection on one of the network switches) all systems were up 100% with no failures. Ken WB2KWC---- The Ford Amateur Radio League and the Livonia Amateur Radio Club operated Field Day this year as a 4A group.  We had a lot of fun, but we encountered multiple problems with your latest Field Day Program, N3FJP's ARRL Field Day Contest Log 4.0.  For the first time in using your programs for years, we received SQL errors where the software would not be able to save logs.  All of our computers got this from time to time, including the computer where the master file was located.----

 This year we had all our boxes going well until some power/network bumps during a thunderstorm....After the storm, our Win7 file-server was visibly running fine, but, the network file sharing was pissed.