Re: [N3FJP_Software_Users] CW Speed Problem

Apr 9, 2016



#28293 Apr 9, 2016

I am trying to use the 3.3 v of GaQP logging program.  I cannot get the speed over about 20 wpm even though I have set it all the way to 200 wpm! Windows 7, Anyone have a suggestion?  I have restarted the program with no better results.

George, K4EOR


#28294 Apr 9, 2016

Hi George,

Thanks for your e-mail.  From the timing options at the top of the CW set up form, experiment with all three timing options. They each take a different approach to processor timing and you'll likely find one more consistent on your PC than another.

For the most precise timing, do not run any other programs, virus software etc., while transmitting.

I've had good reports from lots of folks on processor timed CW from this software and it is working great here with my FTDI, USB to serial adapter, but on some systems, the timing is either erratic or can not attain higher speeds.  It appears that some USB to serial adapters (even those that worked with the old VB6 versions of my software), are producing slow or inconsistent timing with Windows .NET framework, while other USB to serial adapter / driver combinations are working fine (even those that didn't work with VB6).  If your processor generated CW is not satisfactory, Winkeyer is a great solution.


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