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Greetings to the group this evening.

I have been using AClog for about 3-4 years and it's my lifeline to keeping track of contacts.

I too have been trying the NAQP program and find it easy to use. I'm normally a N1MM user for my contesting.

My suggestion would be to allow starting AClog after the contest with NAQP or one of the other N3FJP contest programs still running and do a simple file transfer to AClog without an ADF file being created. A simple icon to "TRANSFER TO ACLOG" on a dropdown, and bada-boom..It's there.

Tom Carroll, W9CSX

Indianapolis, Indiana

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That gets my vote as well.A simple cross-logging platform button from each of the other programs into AC Log.  YESSS!  Mike Baker  K7DDK7dd@...All QSO's are uploaded to LOTW and EQSL.

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The "button" issimple.  I suspect the software behind it is not...  I'd rather seeall the other programs updated first. 73 -- Larry --W1DYJ  ----- Original Message -----From:Mike BakerTo: N3FJP_Software_Users@yahoogroups.comSent: Tuesday, January 15, 2013 12:22PMSubject: RE: [N3FJP_Software_Users] AClog& NAQP

 That gets myvote as well.A simplecross-logging platform button from each of the other programs into ACLog.  YESSS!

MikeBaker  K7DDK7dd@...All QSO's areuploaded to LOTW and EQSL.

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Hi Larry, You are quite correct and hopefully that is obvious to most.  Just thinking about keeping logs in sync (what if the user hits the icon twice) for example would require additional fields and coding.  Then, once logs are "connected", it would not serve much purpose unless that connection did something - (I'm not sure what) and much more coding would be required for whatever that functionality might be.  As is, ADIF data transfer to (or from) AC Log only requires a couple of clicks. My first, approximately two year goal, is to get the majority of the existing program's functionality, as represented in NAQP, rewritten.  After reaching that major accomplishment, we will see what new functionality might make sense. 

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