ACL and HRD sharing serial port for CAT

Sep 19, 2008



#7620 Sep 19, 2008

I was searching for a way to share the serial CAT port between Ham

Radio Deluxe and N3FJP's Amateur Call Log as well as othe software

and I think I have found a solution to share with everyone. Although

at $99 USD it is not free or even cheap for that matter. I am not

connected to or benefitting in any way from this information, I am

just a very satisfied customer.

I have been testing Shared Serial Ports 2.0 found at and so far it is working

great for me. My 756ProIII and Expert 1K-FA amplifier live on COM6

(CIV Bused) at 9600bps and I wanted to use HRD to control the rig as

well as using all the CAT features of ACL. Using this software I am

able to do exactly that with both software packages sharing COM6

without conflict. I can think of about 20 more uses for this software

for things like sharing information from a GPS with multiple software


Stolen from their web site:

How does it work?

Shared Serial Ports uses Eltima accredited virtual serial ports

technology (used by thousands of institutions and individuals

worldwide) to invisibly create virtual serial ports in your system.

To connect many applications to one serial port you just have to

share it... with one click. Every time new application connects to

shared COM1, new instance of virtual COM1 port is automatically

created and access to serial port device is granted (port access is

managed by Shared Serial Ports highly secure).

To manage serial port connections Shared Serial Port provides

versatile access policy for each application. You may grant

read/write access rights to particular application, define

application that can manage serial port signal lines (Request To

Send, Data Transmission Ready, etc.) and specify serial port

connection parameters (Baudrate, Databits, Parity, Stop bits, Flow


Andy Hansis